Disasters and Inaction on Cuba for the Biden Administration

Posted: July 15, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Cuba is a disaster for the left and the Biden Administration.

Thousands of people waving the American Flag and demanding freedom being attacked by a communist state puts them in a horrible spot as people here can’t help but notice the parallels to what is now happening here..

China wants this quashed but they are in the same position as the US is with Hong Kong, too far away if America decides to take action.

That’s why the real story is the inaction. This Administration wants the communist government to survive because the people who finance its members want it to survive so we will see a few occasional words that sound good but what we will be seeing in when it comes to actual help for the Cuban people will be a superb display of inertia.

They will work hard to make sure the heel of communism remains on the neck of the Cuban people because if it lifts from there they will have a harder time applying it here and that is a threat to their perks.

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