My Advice to Conservative Companies/Candidates Who are Approached by the NYT & MSM For Interviews…

Posted: July 19, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized


There is absolutely no upside.

The best case scenario is that the reporter(s) on the story do not misquote you or overly spin you as evil or fringe and their customer base, which has no intention either buying your product or voting for you, becomes aware you exist.

The worst case scenario is that the reporter(s) on the story spin, trick and our and misquote you to such a degree that your own customer or voter base believes you have abandoned them and dump you. Thus they manage to destroy you which is likely their goal in the first place if you are effectively supporting or advancing conservative goals or co-opt you.

If you’re lucky they will settle for the middle scenario where they misquote and spin you to make you a villain in the popular culture which will shun you and force you to remain a fringe product.

They hate you and want to destroy you, don’t help them do it. Avoid them, shun them and if they stick a camera in your face stick on in theirs at the same time so you can document any falsehood they attempt to advance.

You have been warned, no charge.

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