False Twitter, Precedents, mandates, Unlawful Parading, Badged Cowards and trust squandered under the fedora.

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You know I’d take Twitter’s assurances that they are simply retraining people who are spreading “disinformation” more seriously if i didn’t have direct experience of them lying about me on twitter for about a month

For the life of me I can’t understand why people are so shocked that a pol who would consent to have a national election stolen on his behalf is willing to openly violate his oath of office. Doesn’t the former guarantee the latter?

As I wrote the day he was sworn in Biden is the first president in history to violate his oath of office by taking it.

At My work they re-imposed a mask mandate so my 18 foot Dr. Who scarf has returned with it wrapped once around my face. Alas while I work in Massachusetts I don’t work at the Obama Birthday Party where apparently immunity rules.

If my wife was not currently sick out of work with me providing the insurance…

It’s amazing to watch people who have been held over Jan 6th being charged with “unlawful parading” and locked up for it after watching DA’s let people who rioted, looted and burned cities off without prosecution. Cripes even the Kavanaugh protesters banning on the doors of the SCOTUS were never charged.

I’m increasingly heading toward the opinion they want to provoke us to an actual revolt so they can kill us with a clear conscience

While Christ specifically states that those Christians at prayer beaten by ANTIFA in Portland are blessed, said blessings don’t apply to the police of Portland who stood by and let it happen apparently under orders. That not a single one of the officers had the courage to risk the anger of their superiors to protect them speaks volumes about those who have not already left or retired and explains why Portland’s sudden attempt to hire police is doomed to fail.

Finally it’s worth remembering that even if the GOP takes the house and / or senate back in 2022 and Trump takes the White House in 2024 the trust that federal institutions threw away will not return. After all the lower downs who have happily enforced our oppression of the last six months+ will still be in place.

Our enemies sure got their monies worth out of this administration.

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