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“You wanted confirmation [of the presence of the enemy] take a look. There’s your confirmation!”

As a general rule following the phrase: “Don’t put down to malice what can be explained by stupidity.” is a safe one to follow but I must confess that I find it impossible to follow this rule in the case of the latest suicide bombing that took out a dozen American soldiers and hundreds of others this week.

While we are seeing people trying to defend Joe Biden on this the general consensus is that we have an incompetent leader unable to make sane decisions and he is to blame for this.

I disagree.

It’s true that Joe Biden is an incompetent moron, and thus a very handy scapegoat here because of his obvious dementia & physical deficiencies but I don’t blame him because I don’t believe for one moment that the fellow who is reading aloud about who he is ordered to take questions for is making any decisions here.

The primary blame is of course on the killers themselves, but they were killers and terrorists long before Jan 20th 2021 so to be shocked and/or surprised that when enabled to kill rather than being restrained (as was the case in the Trump years) they would do so.

Nor does my ire go heavily toward the Generals and Sgt. majors of the Army who were busy celebrating “diversity” rather than beating themselves with mea culpas over their tactical failures. These people are following the incentives of the deep state that have gotten them power and position and are remaining true to their nature.

Democrat pols like Pelosi and company and various press organs that are playing defense for this administration are also not getting my knickers in a twist. These people were corrupt long ago and any sudden move toward regret or introspection over dead Americans (see Benghazi or Chicago on a weekly basis) would be out of character. Their only regrets at the sight of people blown up by the Taliban and the newly returned ISIS & Al-Qaeda are the potential political damage they might face.

I’m not even all that upset about our enemies who in my opinion, own and run this administration. They are our enemies. The humiliations of the nation and the deaths of our men is their goal, why should anyone be shocked that when they are given the power to shape our destiny they should have the puppets they control pursue these ends.

None of those who I’ve listed have earned my ire, that’s reserved for every single legislature, every single judge, every single official who knew the last election was stolen, who understood that their attempts to pass the buck was undermining our democracy and when given the choice to do something about it looked for technical reasons to do otherwise.

Every single one of these people from the AG of Georgia to the various judges who across the nation who decided to get along to go along, who didn’t want to make waves, who were afraid of what the press might say or the various Democrat thugs, each one of them enabled our enemies rather than see what was in front of their faces.

All of the others here, while evil, did what they did because of their nature, it’s what they’ve been doing right along for years. These folks who had the legal authority to stop them refused to because they were cowards.

It’s going to take a long time for me to forgive them, particularly when these scene are repeated in Afghanistan and around the world over the next three years. And even if my managed to generate the Christian charity to forgive someday I’ll never forget.