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Via the Babylon Bee

One of the few things about a an event such as the disaster of a withdrawal in Afghanistan is that it cuts through spin and falsehoods and shows things as they actually are.

For example we have been assured by the academics of the left from almost the moment that the planes hit the twin towers twenty years ago that Islam is a religion of peace and that anyone who suggests otherwise is a bigot. The reports of people being slaughtered by the Islamists of the Taliban, their daughters given as wives to fighters gives the lie to that contention.

We have also been told by the Critical Race Theory Crowd that the United States is an irredeemably racist place and horrible place yet we see tens of thousands of people rushing to our southern border to try to get into this horrible place.

Last month we had Joe Biden assure us that the Taliban would not roll over the Afghan army while his spokespeople as late as Friday told us the country would not fall over the weekend while seeing the sight and have been exposed to the sight of people falling from airplanes to their death in a vain attempt to escape in an eerie reminder of 9/11/

And now we have the image of Twitter who has made it a point to Ban people like Robert Stacy McCain, Milo Yiannopoulos  and President Donald Trump from its platform but has no problem keeping the Taliban and their spokesman on the platform as long as don’t: “glorify violence” moreover as one GOP congressman in a letter to Twitter on this subject noted:

In my review of these accounts, I did not find a single fact check on any of their tweets, nor any warnings for false or misleading content,”

All of this comes down to one thing: The only thing that matters to the people who installed this administation is that the “right” people continue to hold power allowing the “right” people to be paid and making sure the “right” people continue to be invited to the “right” parties.

That is what the media/left is actually worried about and that is also the reason why Donald Trump is banned from twitter and the Taliban is not, Trump is an impediment to them retaining power. The Taliban is not.

They don’t care about the equipment being lost, or people being executed or women being made into slaves, the only reason they care about the results of this debacle in Afghanistan is they are afraid that the optics of what is happening might be an impediment to them retaining that power and getting paid.

There are plenty of people on the left who don’t have a problem with this goal set and will continue to believe in this ends and means business right up until the moment that it’s decided that they or theirs are such an impediment.

Unexpectedly of course