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Five Cuomo’s Out thoughts Under the Fedora

Posted: August 11, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

I was rather surprised to hear about Cuomo’s resignation. I’m curious as to what the carrot was because the stick wasn’t going to be enough. I was pretty sure he would brazen it out as he’s done so many other times.

It’s been suggested by old friend that the carrot would be prosecutors after a time giving this case a miss. This is extremely possible but I think the bigger carrot might be for the various leftist organization retaining various members of the Cuomo clan in their jobs. Although I suspect this will not apply to cousins and nephews and nieces and children of same who will suddenly discover that there is no longer an incentive to tolerate any lack of competence

There are some who are calling this a victory for Janice Dean who lost her parents in a nursing home under the Cuomo rules, but I think that what his departure in disgrace is welcome it likely means that the Nursing Home abuses that cost thousands of lives will be swept under the rug because said abuses reflect not just on Cuomo but on the lot.

Speaking of incompetent relatives it will be interesting to see how long Cuomo’s brother lasts on CNN. I suspect they will wait a short time for appearances sake before replacing him, but all of that might have to do with the older brother keeping his mouth shut about what he knows. I suspect that will have a lot to do with if he is prosecuted or not.

Finally I don’t expect much from the New Governor of NY basically we are dealing with a NY liberal who to my knowledge had nothing bad to say about Gov Cuomo’s policies or his actions until this stuff became public knowledge. Like the media and the folks who gave him an Emmy she remained blissfully ignorant at best and complacently silent at worst. In other words a perfect Democrat office holder.

Unexpectedly of course.