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In the episode of Yes Prime Minister The Bishop’s Gambit: there was the following following exchange concerning a Nurse arrested in an Arab country for having of whiskey.

PM Jim Hacker: A British National is facing a barbaric punishment for a trivial offense committed in a foreign country. The Foreign Office is there to protect British nationals.

Sir Humphrey: The Foreign Office is there to protect British interests

PM Hacker: Well it’s not in her interest to be flogged

Sir Humphrey: It’s not in our interest to prevent it.

PM Hacker: Yes it is, this could hurt the government very badly.

Sir Humphrey: Well I understand that tomorrow the foreign secretary will deliver a strongly worded note of protest to the Kumranis.

PM Jim Hacker: Why can’t they do it now?

Sir Humphrey: Well we haven’t got their agreement yet! They’re seeing the Ambassador privately now, once they’ve approved the wording we’ll hand it over, then we’ll have done all we can.

This came instantly to mind when I saw this concerning our response to people being slaughtered in Afghanistan since Biden ran away.

“We are hearing from people in Afghanistan that they are getting threats from the Taliban, and we have expressed in no uncertain terms, here at the United Nations, through a very strongly-worded press statement from the Security Council, that we expect the Taliban to respect human rights including the rights of women and girls.”

Perhaps someone should explain to the Biden administration that this Yes Prime Minister segment was not a “how to” guide.

How fitting that the Yes Prime Minister segment came with a laugh track and the Biden Administration is a joke.

Very few of us Conservatives and Libertarians ever attempted to fight the political left in the area of cultural issues.  We abounded Hollywood and the rest of the entertainment industry to progressives and other Marxists. 

Now the vast majority of movies and television programs are a cesspool of leftist propaganda.  Hardly any at all present America or its founding principles in a positive light. 

America bashing is one of the most prevalent themes encountered today.  Conformity, the liberal orthodoxy, and doing whatever those in authority demand have been hammered into the heads of all that partake in any form of entertainment. America’s sins of slavery and racism are constant themes,  They are portrayed as being the absolute foundation and soul of this nation, which are very much far from the truth.  All of the tremendous good that America has done and stands for is ignored. 

Young children who watch cartoons, Disney movies, and Nickelodeon are subjected to gay and transgender brainwashing.  I believe this is something that should be left out of children’s programming.  Most parents are probably unaware that this going on.

The liberal brainwashing on college campuses has gone unchecked by those of us on the political right for decades.  It has now spread through high schools and grade schools.  A recent poll declared that more than half of all young people have been brainwashed into viewing socialism as positive and capitalism negative.  No wonder so many young people voted for Biden and no wonder so many blindly follow all of the liberty destroying mandates and lockdowns.  If American founding principles and civics were still taught these mandates and lockdown would have ended soon after they were attempted.

Conservatives and others on the right allowed leftists to gain almost complete control of the news industry and social media.  Without the suppression of the truth about the theft of the 2020 presidential election Donald Trump would still be in office.  Without the suppression of real scientific facts about the effectiveness of masks and lockdown those liberty destroying ineffective mandates would not have remained in effect for more than a week or two.

We need to take up the culture war on all fronts immediately and fight to win.