First Round Pick Update 1969 League

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The season has started in the 1969 draft league and other than the opening series between the Dodgers and Giants all team have played at least one series, some have finished two and I was curious how the 1st round draft picks of each team have done so far.

9 Position players and 7 pitchers were taken in the 1st round

Here are their current stats

Rico PetrocelliNYY62424114.
Willie McCoveyLAD619361172.316.500.368.868
Harmon KillebrewCle515983752.533,6501.1331,783
Carl YazstremskiMont382221.250.400.250.650
Pete RoseSea625510121522.400.444.7201,164
Frank HowardWash6197105961.526.6671.3161.982
Curt FloodStL5194511411.263.333.421.754
Joe MorganMin515113.

Clearly Rose and Howard and Killebrew are ruling the roost at this point but so far Joe Morgan is not living up to his potential.

As for the Pitchers…

Jim PalmerSF0
Andy MessersmithBalt22111.5001512884513.2141.134.80
Phil NiekroCSox22102.000162054137.3031.442.25
Steve CarltonNYM117641114.2071.001.29
Jerry KoosmanOak1101.0005666134.2861.8010.80
Ferguson JenkinsAtl1101.000595335.3912,405.40
Gaylord PerryPit115733114.3181.605.40

Amazingly the pitchers taken in the 1st round are a combined 1-5 in seven starts. Only Niekro and Carlton have ERA’s that are respectable and three pitchers (Niekro, Perry and Jenkins) are all allowing batters to hit over .300 against them. Presumably over the course of the season these numbers will improve.

Now there were 16 players on the various rosters before the 1st round of the draft. Each team was allowed to keep one player from their franchise before the draft. Ten Batter and six pitchers were kept. So how have they done?

Bobby BondsSF311 22 1 12 21.182.308 .455.763
Rusty StaubMont393321.333.455.333.788
Boog PowellBalt62547 143.280,379.280.659
Tommy HarperSea62366133411.261.346.381.737
Reggie JacksonOak6191521 157.263.440.474.914
Hank AaronAtl31022 1333.200.357.250.607
Ed BrinkmanWash6241 81 15121.333.360.500.860
Roberto ClementePit31013141.300.500.300.800
Rod CarewTwins621351332.

It’s worth noting that Even though Eddie Brinkman is clearly doing best with Harper and Jackson as honorable mentions he was primarily drafted for his defense. Here are his stats at SS

PlayerTeamPosGGSInnTotal chancesPOAEDPFPCTRange Factor
Ed BrinkmanWashSS6653371423051.0006,28

Not too shabby at all.

As for the six pitchers

Fritz PetersonNYY111101.0009311125.1000.561.00
Don SuttonLA
Sam McDowellCle22111.50014 2/31955 214.3221.433.07
Tommy JohnCSox11101.0005822142.3642.403.60
Tom SeaverNYM111101.00093 74.2571.780.00
Bob GibsonStL22111.5001710551314.1690.762.65

This is the opposite of the 1st round picks with almost every starter with a win under his belt a combined 5-2.

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