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Posted: December 6, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Ok This is getting weird

finally had enough with my provider Purchased a couple of small plans on wordpress set up a new primary blog at started sending out blast emails to dapeople to say that’s where I’d be, and then cancelled my plan here.

I then got a form email that it would be stopped in about 48 hours.

That was a week ago.

I have absolutely no idea what’s going on but here is what I suspect.

I suspect that the successor to my old provider who bought the company from him set things up to run automatically and basically planed to tweak if necessary.

I think something happened to him, maybe COVID maybe something else but I think he’s out of the picture, either due to illness, death or something else and I don’t know when or if he or anyone else will be back.

And now the automated system will keep running. The customers whose stuff is still in play and working properly will keep paying and be deposited into his account and his own expenses will keep being autodetected from said account.

In theory that means that I can still post here, I’ve had no luck doing so for a full week but I decided to give it a shot when one of my Mag seven writers posted here and so here I am. However as I’ve cancelled I don’t want to be using the site as it might be considered doing so under false pretenses.

I don’t know how long this host will be up but if you’re coming here might I suggest you bookmark our new primary site That’s where all our new posts will be going.

That is actually the same site as our old backup blog which was which redirects now to

With that as our primary site I’ve had to set up a new backup, that is located at

That will be our primary backup site although I’m thinking of using it as the primary site for Dynasty Baseball league stuff.

But anyways if you’re here and seeing this head over to . We already imported all the old post from here over there so it’s should be fine.

Eventually will redirect there once I figure out what’s going on.

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