DaTechGuy’s 3rd Law of Media Outrage Waukesha wanna be Edition

Posted: December 20, 2021 by datechguy in media, News/opinion
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The MSM’s elevation and continued classification of any story as Nationally Newsworthy rather than only of local interest is in direct correlation to said story’s current ability to affirm any current Democrat/Liberal/Media meme/talking point, particularly on the subject of race or sexuality.

DaTechGuy’s Third Law of Media Outrage

Via Don Surber I’m old enough to remember when the War on Christmas didn’t look like a real war:

Local police told local outlet WFTV 9 that law enforcement was just starting to block the streets to be used for the route of the Golf Cart Christmas Parade when the car traveling at a high rate of speed came careening toward the gathered crowd. A police officer trying to slow the driver down was almost hit.

According to police, Baker continued to accelerate and plowed into another car nearby. A foot pursuit ensued when the driver ran away and was apprehended by an off-duty officer from another jurisdiction who was in the crowd.

It’s looks like Terryous Jorelle Baker our Waukesha wanna be was foiled before he could get a body count:

According to WFTV, an officer said he was waiting for the parade to begin when someone flagged him down; a white Toyota Highlander had been hit by a speeding car. The police report stated that the other officer directing traffic for the parade had stepped into the road and “projected” his voice to tell the driver to “slow down.” At that moment, the officer “heard the engine rev” and the vehicle sped up “coming right at him.” Police records show police found a plastic baggie with two pills in Baker’s pocket. Two children were in the car with Baker that night.

Baker was charged with having no valid driver’s license, possession of narcotics without a prescription, aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, and child neglect. Baker told police that he ran because he knew he had a warrant.

Now you would think this would be a big story in the media considering the Waukesha Massacre but per DaTechGuy’s 3rd law of Media Outrage the MSM apparently considers this a local story unworthy of further attention:

Terryous Jorelle Baker and Elizabeth Chavez, arrested in the incident

I can’t imagine why.

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