Five Unpleasant Truths Under the Fedora

Posted: March 15, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized

A lot of what is being said on Twitter concerning Ukraine and Russia is all about people trying to feel important and involved on something that they have nothing at all to do with. That self image trumps any other consideration in the world to them.

You don’t start teaching kids about various sexual stuff in school unless you are hoping to have them sexually active young and that people refuse to see this speaks volumes about either their stupidity or complicity in such a goal.

If the choice is admitting idiocy and dealing with reality as it is vs remaining in a painful self affirming fantasy a large chunk of the population will choose the latter regularly.

The last decade but particularly the last year has proved John Adams right about our constitution only being suited for a moral and religious people. The farther that we move from morality and religion (Christianity in particular) the more inadequate it becomes.

There are many wise things my Father taught me. One of them was not to care if someone had more as long as I had what I needed. It’s a lesson that more people could use, but it seems to me that they were taught that it isn’t enough to have more, others must be made to feel that they have less.

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