Under the Fedora Logistics and war, Consecration day, Manchin, Pot and Reality and The End of the Golden Age

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While I make it a rule to discount any battlefield reports from either the Russians, the Ukrainians and our Media which are all serving their own purposes one of the basic lessons of this war has been that without logistics you can’t sustain either an army or a city. A static army without supply or a city without trucks bringing in food are simply starving grounds.

It’s been decades since the west has had to remember than and over a century and a half since Americans have had to learn this.

Speaking of the war Today is the day that the Pope, along with various Bishops (including my own) and local parishes around the world (including my own during mass today) consecrated Russia and the Ukraine to the immaculate Heart of Mary.

Non believers will see this as useless, and some believers think it doesn’t matter while others who consider this Pope to be, shall we say less than optimal will discount both the act and the pontiff leading it.

Nothing I say will convince the former but let me remind any Christians doubting this of both these words from C. S. Lewis Screwtape:

Wherever there is prayer, there is danger of His own immediate action.

and those of Christ:

Again, (amen,) I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything for which they are to pray, it shall be granted to them by my heavenly Father.

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

Matt 18:19-20

I must confess I’m confused at Christians who dismiss this stuff, either we believe or we don’t.

Joe Manchin’s vote on Judge Jackson confirms that all politics is local.

Manchin may not be willing to anger local voters on things such as Coal, or fuel prices but when it comes to the grand liberal agenda that will be advanced long after he’s gone, he’s not willing to make the fight.

Of course he might figure that thanks to the Senators from Maine Utah and Alaska no amount of idiocy or prevarication will stop her he might as well go along since the Biden Administration will just nominate another of her ilk and it might not hurt to dull the blades of the liberals out for his blood

Manchin is out for Manchin, never forget it.

The nasty realities of the legalization of Pot are coming to a head as studies show that “medical mamajuana” simply leads to addiction and all the problems that people had warned about for years.

This was never about pain relief it was always about the 60’s generation legitimizing their faults in the same way that Gay “marriage” was all about legitimizing sin.

The costs of this idiocy will be paid by the country for years. It will be an Idiocracy of the left that loves to deny reality.

Even more disturbing than the prevarications of Jackson is the public defense of the same from institutions.

It’s a reminder that the Golden Age of America is over. A country is only as good as it’s people and institutions. Our institutions are corrupt and evil and our people too cowardly to fight back.

I’m old enough to have lived through at least the end of this golden age and I dread the country my children and someday grandchildren will have to live in, but it’s an important reminder that heaven on earth is a pipe dream.

But I will say this unless we get our children out of these people’s hands they’ll certainly make a go of establishing Hell.

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  2. senecagriggs says:

    Good insights; evil is on the rise.