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Our Democrat friends are very upset that the attempt to create an “insurrection” out of the whole cloth over January 6th is not drawing interest outside of their donor class and some far left nutters but they should be pleased because it’s going to make a wonderful precedent after the election of 2022.

Don’t worry about Fox not covering the January 6th committee hearings, I’m sure that next year they will cover the June 8th hearings on the left’s complicity in the attempted murder of Justice in full

You see an actual insurrection involves an overthrow of a government and the attempted murder of a SCOTUS after people have explicitly made a “call to arms” over a potential decision and violated federal law to harass him and his family certainly qualifies.

So with the precedent of the January 6th committee in the bank and sure that the GOP will be delighted to put a June 8th committee together to completely investigate those involved in the ‘insurrection” of June 8th and complicit in the attempted murder of Justice Kavanaugh, that includes those who:

  • showed up at the protests
  • Put his address out there
  • Funded said protects
  • encouraged said protests
  • Did not enforce federal law concerning them
  • And made incendiary statement concerning said events

And unlike the January 6th defendants still being held without trial whom we have yet to see charged with “insurrection” we have an actual person who is charged with Murder in this case.

The only drawback I see is that it will be hard to find Democrats to put on this committee. Any Democrat who might be enough of a centrist to object to the murder of Justices who don’t follow the party line is unlikely to survive election 2022 nor will they be willing to risk the wrath of their followers who have already proven themselves willing to murder anyone who crosses them.