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I sat down for a long interview with Steve Ritchie Pinball designer extraordinaire at Pintastic NE 2022 day 1 in Sturbridge ma at the Sturbridge Host Hotel

The greatest thing about the man and this interview is the joy he clearly has in the hobby and the game that has no diminished over the decades.

Here are a few shots and interviews from day one of Pintastic NE 2022

Todd Tuckey checks out Toy Story 4

There is one in the extra ball lounge but the line to get to it is always long

speaking of the extra ball lounge

The Weird Al game was here too

The Weird Al Pinball game at Pintastic NE 2022

of course not all that is here is pinball, there are some classic video games and memorabilia here to wit:

Like me the folks from the Bottomless pit of treasures have not missed a pintastic

Speaking of someone who is at every Pintastic

Gabe noted I looked a tad tired as well. He must be right because I crashed in my room and slept like a log for 10 hours

I’ll be putting up individual posts of my interviews with Steve Ritchie and Todd Tuckey but lets close this post with the coolest image of the day

Ritchie playing one of his game

You don’t get cooler than a designer playing one of his own games