Archive for June 3, 2022

1. All of these things come from decisions made by this administration from energy independence to leaning on formula producers to printing money like there is no tomorrow. In other words all of the horrible things being wrought on the American people are not due to circumstance but were a conscious deliberate choices made by those people currently in charge of this nation.

2. Absolutely none of these disasters would be taking place if the people who were in charge of overseeing the honesty of our election had not made the deliberate choice to ignore, downplay and/or cover up the fraud that was widespread and deliberate. The calculation that exposing said fraud and rocking the boat would be more damaging to the nation than pretending it wasn’t there and “moving on” ranks up there with the decision of the Catholic Church to hush up the scandalous behavior of gay pedophile priests rather than exposing and purging that evil right at the start. Furthermore the results of this decision to look the other way by government will have the same long-term damage to the ability of this country’s institutions to function and to the people’s trust in these institutions that the clerical scandal had.

Put simply all of these things were preventable but the price of preventing them was a show of courage that those in charge were unwilling to exercise.

That more than anything is the real tragedy here.