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Nothing says: “I care more about what people think of me than the people I supposedly take care of.” like a priest encouraging someone in mortal sin to receive communion.

Justin Bieber talked about Ramsey Hunt Syndrome. I had it once a few years ago. I had just left the doctors and gone to lunch when suddenly I was having trouble drinking from my straw. My wife came out the bathroom, took one look at me and rushed me back to the doctor who sent me to Worcester. It really stinks and it took weeks for me to be back to my normal self. I wish him luck.

When I see the left go nuts on the Jan 6th committee and not say a word about the attempted Assassination of Justice Kavanaugh all I can think of is the renegade Englishman on the French Prize ship in the book Commodore Hornblower in a dead panic as the British longboat is about to board her ignoring his false warnings of Smallpox. The left is in a dead panic over what is coming and can’t deal. They are going to get a lot more violent before they implode. It will not be pretty.

This story at Instapundit about Boston about to go full “Defund the Police” really worries me. One of the real accomplishments of the Baker administration has been to prevent the insanity that has turned California unlivable from migrating here. There has already been a short term migration to places like my city as people run from Boston. If they go the whole hog then I really will be able to get 2 mil for my house because people will be desperate to escape. Glad I saw the Sox earlier this month because if this goes through I won’t be going back.

Seriously “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” SADS? A disease that we never saw before the Vaccine? Why not be honest and call it “Vaccine Suddenly Kills you” VSKY” and be done with it. The degree that people are willing to lie to themselves to avoid the obvious when it’s uncomfortable never ceases to amaze me.

By John Ruberry

The big political news from last week, unless that is, your only news sources are MSNBC and CNN, was not the prime-time January 6 show trial masquerading as a hearing, but the resounding vote by San Francisco voters to recall radical leftist so-called prosecutor Chesa Boudin. 

Oh, he is a piece of work, this one. Boudin’s parents were Weather Underground terrorists, both of whom served long prison terms for their crimes, including murder. Boudin’s guardians were two other ex-Weather Underground terrorists, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, he attended an elite private high school, and he is a Yale law school graduate. Boudin was served a translator for Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez. In 2019, campaigning as if he was a woke social worker, Boudin was elected district attorney for San Francisco. “We will not prosecute cases involving quality-of-life crimes,” Boudin the candidate said. “Crimes such as public camping, offering or soliciting sex, public urination, blocking a sidewalk, etc., should not and will not be prosecuted.” Well, I’ll concede this fact to him. Boudin honored his campaign promises.

And criminals received the message. Shoplifting soared under Boudin, as well as what one Nation writer, Sasha Abramsky, called other “low-end crimes,” including burglary and car break-ins. To me, a low-end crime is littering or jaywalking, but I am not a leftist. For many people, particularly renters and the poor, an automobile is their most valuable asset. Low-end? Really? Abramsky, you are quite out of touch, but of course you are, you write for the Nation.

The murder rate went up under Boudin. His misrule was a validation of the Rudy Giuliani’s “broken windows” policy of policing. Notice that I didn’t call it the “broken windows” theory of law enforcement.

I’ve only visited San Francisco once, in 2010, which residents of the City on the Bay probably look back on as “the good old days.” I was appalled by the level of homelessness there, and by all accounts, there are now many more indigents sprawled out on San Franciso sidewalks. Tellingly, during my time there I noticed the strong smell of urine even in the best neighborhoods. Boudin couldn’t smell the pee?

I’ve heard there are Republicans in San Francisco, albeit very few. The two Republican opponents of Nancy Pelosi–her entire district is within the city–collected 11-percent of the vote in 2020. But 60 percent of voters in San Francisco voted to purge Boudin last week. Earlier this month, another Nation writer, Christopher D. Cook, warned of a “centrist uprising” against progressivism in San Francisco. And all of this time, particularly from the left, I’ve been told we need more moderation in our politics, which of course to them means conservatives veering over to their side. In fact, as Democrat policies, from Biden down to Boudin, prove toxic, it’s liberals who are heading to the center, which is best exemplified by Bill Maher’s regular attacks on the far-left. 

Over at the Washington Post, Perry Bacon Jr. warns of centrist Democrats attacking far-left policies on crime. Writing for the New York Times, Shane Goldmacher commented, “Centrists and former law enforcement leaders hailed the successful San Francisco recall as a crushing blow to progressives.”

Oh, those evil centrists, they are taking America down a treacherous moderate path.

Boudin, true to form for any leftist, blamed “right-wing billionaires” for his defeat. Oh, what’s this? Radical leftist billionaire George Soros contributed to an anti-recall political action committee.

The Democrats of course don’t possess the right side of the political spectrum. And they are losing the center. Or perhaps it’s already lost to them. Which leaves the Democratic Party with the extreme left, or to channel Biden’s insult on conservatives which ricocheted against him, the Ultra Left.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.