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By John Ruberry

Now that New York’s Bill De Blasio has been term-limited out of office, America’s worst mayor is Lori Lightfoot of Chicago.

This week Lightfoot will announce she is running for a second term, from an unusual location, Chicago’s West Side, a largely overlooked part of the city, except in regard to violent crime. At her side, according to Fran Spielman of the Chicago Sun-Times, will be three West Side aldermen, each of them black. 

Chicago’s candidates for mayor will face off in a late February election. If none of them receives 50 percent of the vote, the two candidates who tallied the most votes face off in an April runoff.

In his most recent Chicago Way podcast, John Kass, as he interviewed former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas, spoke of racial politics, which has plagued Americas’ third-largest city for decades. “Lori Lightfoot has gone from presenting herself as an agent of change,” the former Chicago Tribune columnist remarked, “to an able practitioner and player of the race card.”

A year ago, to mark the two-year anniversary of her inauguration, her office sent invitations to reporters for one-on-one interviews with a restriction–only reporters of “color” were requested.

But Lightfoot has another joker card up her long sleeve, the gender card. Last week, in what you would think should been an opportunity to offer a message of healing and unity–kicking off Pride Month–Lightfoot is a lesbian by the way, she and Governor JB Pritzker dedicated Chicago’s AIDS Garden. It was at that event where she dismissed criticism of her turbulent three years as mayor by her opponents.

“Another day, another man who thinks he can do his job better than me,” Lightfoot said.

As America’s worst mayor, there are plenty of men–and women–residing in Chicago who can do better. 

Crime has skyrocketed since Lightfoot moved into the fifth floor of City Hall. In 2019, according to Hey Jackass, there were 603 carjackings reported in Chicago. Last year there were 1,848. In 2021, AP reported, there were 797 homicides, 299 more than in 2019. 

Apologists for Lightfoot will blame the COVID-19 epidemic, but Chicago’s lockdowns were among the nation’s most severe. Infamously, in August of 2020, on the same day Lightfoot cracked down after a large group violated her ridiculous ban on entering the expansive Lincoln Park on Chicago’s beautiful lakefront by dispatching a heavy police presence there, looters that night mowed through the city’s Loop and Magnificent Mile shopping areas downtown. Those areas were still recovering from the late May riots after the murder of George Floyd. This led to a continuing exodus from that area that includes the Gap, Disney, and Macy’s. It will take decades for Chicago to recover from what another blogger, whose name escapes me, called “the Night Chicago Died,” referencing the 1970s pop hit by Paper Lace

The Loop, the Magnificent Mile, and the immediate surrounding area is the driver of Chicago’s economy. The rest of the city is simply along for the ride. 

The retail departure hasn’t escaped Paul Vallas’ attention. “I used to say a number of years ago,” he said in that Kass podcast, “when I ran [for mayor] last time, that Chicago was Detroit with a thriving downtown–now I can’t even say that.”

Back to the lockdowns. Lightfoot all but sanctioned the large outdoor celebrations in Chicago after Joe Biden was declared by the media the winner of the 2020 presidential election, which occurred a few days before she issued new lockdown orders in time for Thanksgiving–on top of the others that were already in place.

I wonder if knowledge that two years later gasoline would double in price would have muted those flash mob gatherings?

To be fair, Chicago and its Cook County suburbs are burdened with a Soros-funded politician, State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, who is more of a woke social worker than a prosecutor. Lightfoot on occasion has spoken out against Foxx, but her criticism has been guarded. Foxx, a Democrat like Lightfoot, is of course best known for the special treatment she gave since-convicted race-hoaxster Jussie Smollett. Foxx deserves some blame for the fall of Chicago too, as does another wokester, Timothy C. Evans, Cook County’s chief judge.

Will Chicagoans reelect America’s worst mayor?

UPDATE June 7:

In a video that was released today, Lightfoot officially announced her reelection effort.

Yesterday, Lightfoot bizarrely attacked Kim Foxx, who she endorsed for reelection in 2020 in what should have been a tough Democratic primary for the radical prosecutor. “Given the exacting standards that the state’s attorney has for charging a case, which is proof beyond a reasonable doubt – when those charges are brought, these people are guilty,” the mayor said, but quickly adding, “and of course they’re entitled to a presumption of innocence.” Some more back story: Foxx is the former chief of staff for Toni “Taxwinkle” Preckwinkle was Lightfoot’s runoff opponent in the 2019 mayoral election–she’s a leftist too.

John Ruberry regularly blogs from suburban Cook County at Marathon Pundit.

Today is Pentecost Sunday, one of the worst days in the year for those who hate Judeo Christian values because it’s not only the birthday of the Church when the Holy Spirit comes upon the Apostles and they begin to preach the good news but it’s also comes from the Jewish feast of Pentecost commemorating when Moses gave the Jews the law which is one of the cornerstones that Christian belief is built on.

Christ promised that when it came to his church “the gates of hell would not prevail against it”. Given recent events some might have doubts on that but a church that has survived Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon, the Black Death the reformation, Attila the Hun and the Islamic invasions of Europe will be able to handle Biden, Obama, Pelosi and any number of drag queens.

Pentecost Sunday is one of the few weekends where the vigil mass has different readings than the Sunday Mass. I was surprised to see that they had revised the readings for the vigil mass to add three additional readings to make it look more like the Easter Vigil. The Pope has also added a feast for Monday, Mary the Mother of the Church.

These little tweaks are generally a good idea as they tend to address current needs while preserving what is already there.

Nancy Pelosi went on Morning Joe defending her abortion position and noting that abortion was not mentioned in the bible, a rather disingenuous argument as the practice was specifically forbidden by the Hippocratic Oath until late last century. What’s more interesting is her invoking Matthew on feeding the hungry etc. I note the attempt o change this responsibility from the individual who has a soul to a government that doesn’t.

She is the perfect illustration of a story I was once told by a longtime pol concerning some advice he was given when he was young: Politics is a living for you, it’s how you make your money, if you manage to do something for the people, that’s a nice bonus but it’s about making your living.

Pelosi and her family have been exceedingly good at making a very comfortable living out of “compassion” paid for with other people’s money.

One of the realities of God is that if you ask him to leave you he will back away until invited back.

We pushed God out of our schools and they have fallen to the point where sending your child to a public school is practically child abuse.

The day will come when he invited back and when we do he will be there.

Until then it will be a desolation.

Finally In addition to Pentecost Sunday Today is also game 2 of the NBA finals with the Boston Celtics facing the Golden State Warriors.

The Celtics 4th quarter comeback in game one was one of the biggest shocks I’ve seen in such a game, The Celtics have made a season of doing the unexpected but now when stuff like this happens I can’t help but wondering where the money was bet these days.

I suspect I’m not the only person who thinks this way, but you want to push gambling in sports, that’s what you get.