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Homeowner Associations, or HOAs, are a sneaky way that fascism crept into our daily lives. HOAs are ubiquitus in most residential neighborhoods, and unless you buy an older home or build from scratch, its hard to escape them, since around 80% of new homes are built into an HOA.

The original idea behind an HOA seems to be a way for cities to dump the responsibility for maintaining small residential parks. Rather than have the city maintain it, an HOA would collect fees and do the dirty work. Even better, HOAs could enforce codes on everything from mulch color to weeds in your lawn, which would keep home values up as well as property taxes. From the government’s perspective, its a win-win.

For homeowners, its a total loss. HOAs have taken on a mind of their own, going so far as to foreclose on people’s homes and sell them at auction. We’re not talking just one or two homes. In Colorado, one HOA had filed 2,400 foreclosure cases against homeowners. Many of these followed a similar pattern: a homeowner gets fined for some stupud nonsense like weeds, and if they don’t pay up, the HOA tacks on legal fees and late fees. Once you reach into the thousands of dollars, it becomes almost impossible for a homeowner to pay it, so the HOA files a foreclosure case and attempts to kick the homeowner out and sell their house at auction.

Kicking someone out of their house for weeds in the front lawn and selling the house at auction. Read that sentence out loud and ask yourself how any person could stoop that low.

HOAs try to rip out perfectly good trees, beat people up for free speech, and even punish someone for having the gall to put out a dog treat dispenser. By far the worst problem is that the HOA tries to regulate your life while you’re in your own home. It’s bad enough dealing with morons at work, but at home? HOAs were one of the main reasons I built a custom home not in a community (which you can read about here).

HOAs don’t often get national media attention, but your HOA probably controls your well being a lot more than most national politics do (except for Biden-flation). These monstrosities need to be dismantled and destroyed. Some people are doing just that through legal means, like the Colorado legislature that is limiting fees and foreclosure cases. Many people are pushing back. When one HOA tried to stop a thin-blue-line flag, multiple neighbors began flying the same flag. As Stu Scheller likes to say “We can’t all be wrong.”

If you’re in an HOA now, I recommend getting onto the board and dismantling it on the inside. That’s what one of my neighbors has done. He has approved and expedited nearly every neighbor request for their property, making sure people can do whatever they want to their property. If you can’t do that, you should bring up HOA reform with your state representative, so that instead of debating what person to name the next highway after, they might actually make your life better. It’s a fight worth fighting, and unlike national politics, your voice can really make a difference.

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There’s a sucker born every minute

P. T Barnum

One of the enduring principles of the left is to convince Republicans that in order to be elected or re-elected they have to follow the media agenda no matter what.

And some people like Republican Chris Jacobs fall for it:

 Congressman Chris Jacobs (R-27) addressed school safety in a press conference at a VFW post in Lancaster Friday and said he supports a ban on the sale of AR-15s, as well as increasing the minimum age to purchase a firearm to 21. He was joined by New York State gubernatorial candidate and fellow congressman Lee Zeldin (R-1) at the presser.

The Democrats and media were delighted , the GOP not so much:

The Republican and Conservative parties are leaving GOP Rep. Chris Jacobs for dead following his call for a federal ban on assault weapons in response to the massacre by an avowed white supremacist in Buffalo

“This is not the person we endorsed. We did not endorse this Chris Jacobs … he’s actually to the left of [US House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi on this,” Conservative Party state Chair Gerard Kassar told the Post Thursday about his party withdrawing support for Jacobs’ reelection.

And poof, just like that in the year of the coming big red wave a GOP incumbent became unelectable:

Rep. Chris Jacobs is dropping his reelection bid after coming under fire from fellow Republicans for backing a ban on assault weapons. 

The New York Republican said his newfound views on gun control would make a re-election bid difficult and divisive. 

“The last thing we need is an incredibly negative, half-truth-filled media attack, funded by millions of dollars in special interest money coming into our community around this issue of guns and gun violence and gun control,” he said in announcing his withdrawal from the race. 

Which means that instead of a sitting incumbent the left gets to run against a rookie which is exactly the result they where hoping for.

I’d feel sorry for Representative Jacobs if it wasn’t for two things:

  1. He did this to himself.
  2. He will without a doubt become the favorite GOP goto person whenever the left wants someone to hit the GOP on the issue of guns assuring him a place as a MSNBC on CNN Analyst once he leaves office.

At least he will until they decide the useful idiot is no longer useful.

Unexpectedly of course