The FBI Poll, Consequences, and Some Semantics

Posted: August 20, 2022 by datechguy in crime, politics
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Question: What do you get when the FBI starting acting like the Biden Administration’s personal Gestapo?

Answer: A majority of the people deciding that’s what you are:

There are several oddities here the first being that for the entire time of the Trump Administration Democrats called him a Nazi but at no time did he either use the FBI as a private Gestapo against his political enemies nor did the people think of the agency as Trump’s private gestapo. Yet one year into the Cleanest election in the history of historyTM you have the majority of the public considering them the president’s private Gestapo.

The second is that the people most responsible for these actions that have driven this opinion have little care what the reputation of the agency is as long as it serves their political purpose.

The third is that left liberal seem delighted. And I suspect it not because they don’t think the FBI is acting like their own personal Gestapo but because they ARE. Remember a solid quarter of the Iraqi population liked Saddam because they where the folks who benefited from the oppression of his people. I suspect when (not if) the GOP decides to do the same when they return to power they’ll regret it as much as they did Harry Reid’s filibuster moves.

The biggest losers here of course is the agency itself because once honorable and honest people decide that there is no place for them in the FBI then only dishonest and dishonorable people will apply, this will within a generation turn it into exactly what the people think it is right now. We’re already seeing signs of this in the armed forces and unlike the Army you can’t have a draft for the FBI.

All of this of course comes from the steal of the election and the more I see of this the more I’m wondering if Trump as president was either in the process of or on the verge of exposing something so bad for the left/deep state that it not only justified the steal but justified destroying the FBI as a law enforcement agency.

One final note: The one expectation I take with these polling results is this. Joe Biden has the decision making authority of an ice cream cone. The FBI is no more Joe Biden’s personal Gestapo then they are mine and people who think so are wrong.

However if you ask me the question “Is if the FBI has been acting like the person Gestapo of the Biden Administration?” that’s accurate and I’d have to say “yes”. The question I have is, “Who is actually making the call”?

Update: In fairness the FBI has not been right for some time:

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