The fraud of John Fetterman

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By Christopher Harper

John Fetterman, the Democrat nominee for U.S. senator in Pennsylvania, is one of the biggest fakes to seek political office.

At 53, he’s basically never held a paying job outside of government, owing mainly to his family’s wealth. 

Born in West Reading, Pennsylvania, to an insurance executive and his wife, Fetterman got a public policy degree from Harvard and traveled more than 250 miles west to the small town of Braddock, where he worked as a member of AmeriCorps, the domestic version of the Peace Corps.

Fetterman, the carpetbagger from eastern Pennsylvania, had found his niche in the western part of the state.

In 2005, he ran for mayor when the town had 3,000 souls, about two-thirds of whom were black, promising to clean up crime and make the economy better. Amazingly, he won the race by one vote: 149-148. Unsurprisingly, some election day shenanigans allowed three people to cast ballots who had been turned away at the polls. See

For whatever reason, Fetterman became a media and elite darling despite his tattoos, hoodie and shorts, and excess pounds. 

The Guardian described John Fetterman as the “coolest mayor” in the country. The New York Times told its readers that Fetterman had “turned the busted town of Braddock, PA, into a national symbol of hope, hard work and authentic blue jeans.

Fetterman was feted at The Aspen Institute and with a TED talk.

As Tucker Carlson put it: “It’s so perfect: homesteading, organic vegetables, art installations, and also, again, inevitably a heaping dose of climate theology, all imported from Harvard. Fetterman imposed on a town with no jobs, carbon caps on Braddock, Pennsylvania, and he claimed these carbon caps would somehow — he never explained how — bring more manufacturing jobs back. He called this initiative “Carbon Caps = Hard Hats.” So expensive, unreliable energy will mean more manufacturing jobs, and yet somehow no one laughed at him, so John Fetterman kept going.” 

During his 14 years as mayor, he rarely attended town council meetings and argued incessantly with the black leadership of Braddock.

In 2013, Fetterman said he heard a loud sound, which he thought was gunfire. He grabbed a shotgun and followed a jogger, who was black, and confronted him. The jogger said Fetterman pointed the shotgun at his chest and face. No charges were filed, and no apology was made.


Imagine what would have happened if a Republican running for ANY political office did such a thing?

In 14 years as mayor, Fetterman saw nearly half of the people leave. Crime and the economy aren’t any better. 

But the Democrats elected him as lieutenant governor in 2019 and nominated him for U.S. Senate. 

Fetterman’s stands on the issues are to the left of Bernie Sanders, whom he endorsed for president. Fetterman makes AOC seem sane!

I can only hope that the voters of Pennsylvania finally see through his facade and media hype to return him as an ordinary citizen to live out his years in Braddock or Aspen.

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