Prediction: If You Think the Cigarette Lawsuits & Settlements Were Something Wait Till the Transgender Suits Against Children’s Hospitals Start Coming

Posted: September 20, 2022 by datechguy in culture, Uncategorized
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If you’re old enough you might remember the cigarette lawsuits which ended in a giant settlement that allowed the companies to keep functioning while the states pocketed a bunch of money while claiming the high moral ground.

Well right now spaying kids has become all the rage and a profit center for drug companies, Children’s Hospitals and various medical professionals.

However there is a clue that while people are busy taking the money they know what it actually is. It seems every single time Libs of Tictok highlights the care these hospitals are so proud of :

Within a day or two all that care they are so proud of disappear from the web:

This is a pattern that has been repeated more than once

As reality doesn’t care how woke people feel the time will come when all those five year olds, and six year old and even 14 year olds will be 30 years olds with their lives ruined and long before that the next batch of potential customers will start figuring out that this has been a bad idea and the bottom will drop out of the business, and when the left sees there is no profit in it and that they are a drag rather than a benefit they will as they are wont to do drop them like a hot potato and particularly on the state level rush to not only jump on the bandwagon of the right moves against them but jump to the front of the line to condemn all the harm they did to so many.

When that day comes the medical community along with the insurance industry will have a crisis and when that happens that will be when the settlement talks begin to stop the bleeding that will come from it.

I think I will live long enough to see it, and when it does this old man won’t be smiling because I know that while there will be lawyers making a buck and perhaps even states dishing out settlement money to those who haven’t killed themselves but will spend their life mutilated I also understand that the settlement that comes will insure that those who destroyed those lives for fun and profit all the time promising with a smile a happy life will just walk.

At least in this life.

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  3. Andrew B says:

    This is how the Salem Witch Trials finally lost steam, when some of those who had been accused brought suit against their accusers for slander. Good old American litigiousness may be what saves us, God willing.