Novena to St. Matthew for the FBI Agents involved in the Mark Houck Arrest Day 3 Whistleblowing in the Wind

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There are those within the agency that do not like the direction it is going in:

Special Agent Stephen M. Friend, who works for the FBI in Florida and serves as a SWAT team member, told the main federal whistleblower office in Washington he had an ‘exemplary’ work record since he joined the bureau in 2014 and even won awards but was suspended in recent days after he began raising concerns about the FBI’s and DOJ’s conduct in the Jan. 6 investigation“

‘ I believed the investigations were inconsistent with FBI procedure and resulted in the violation of citizens’ Sixth and Eighth Amendment rights,’ Friend wrote. ‘I added that many of my colleagues expressed similar concerns to me but had not vocalized their objections to FBI Executive Management,” Solomon quotes Friend.

One wonders if a new FBI Director might not be among the growing list of whistleblowers from within the bureau who are coming forward to Republicans Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa, Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Rep. James Comer of Kentucky and Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio.

Courage remains the first and most vital of virtues, let’s hope more FBI agents can must it.

Now day 3 of our Novena

St. Matthew Novena - Day 3
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. 


Dear Lord, we thank You for giving us St. Matthew as an example of holiness. Help us to imitate the virtue he showed in choosing to leave behind his profitable life as a tax collector in order to follow You.

St. Matthew, you enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle when you worked as a tax collector. But when Christ called you to follow Him, you willingly chose to give up your earthly wealth in order to pursue heavenly reward.

Please bring my petitions before God Whom you chose to serve!

You became one of Jesus’ closest friends and His Apostle. You devoted the rest of your life to serving God, and you did not regret leaving behind your earthly riches.

Pray for me, that I may grow in detachment to earthly goods. Pray that I may always seek heavenly reward before earthly riches.

Please also pray for the FBI agents involved in the Mark Houck arrest.

St. Matthew, pray for us!

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. 


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