Five Thoughts Under the Fedora A GOP Reminder, No Outrage Over Denver, No Priest Involved? Nothing to see, Upsets Online, 10 in a Row but Still Going

Posted: January 9, 2023 by datechguy in Uncategorized

An important reminder concerning the GOP speaker fight.

Any promise to pass bills that repeal Obamacare or get rid those extra IRS agents or to solidify the national definition of “man” and “woman” are meaningless because such bills have to not only get passed by a Democrat controlled Senate but signed by Joe Biden.

A much better idea is to make sure that investigations take place and regular order is restored. These are the promises that the House can do without the left and if I’m a member of the conservative caucus that’s what I’d focus on.

Let’s see what gets done.

Remember when the programs of GOP Gov Abbott of Texas and GOP Gov DeSantis of Florida bussing illegal immigrants to places like NY & Chicago that declared themselves sanctuary cities provoked an outcry of angst among the national media.

Well apparently it’s different when a Democrat governor does it because Dem Gov Jarred Polis  of Colorado is joining the crowd in sending such folk to what they call “their final destination”

For some reason this is not producing the national condemnation that the previous moves from GOP governors have done. I wonder why?

Actually I don’t.

Speaking of stories you haven’t heard of. I saw one this weekend concerning sexual complaints against public school employees in Chicago last year by students.. Apparently there were 470 of them

This is in one school district in one year in one city. Yet the national media did not find the topic newsworthy enough.

Could you imagine if there was 1/10 of that number involving students at Catholic schools? There would be no other story on the next.

In my 1970 Draft league the New York Yankees took the Red Sox in six games to win the AL pennant and in a huge upset the 1970 San Francisco giants who did win 99 games managed to defeat a Cincinnati Reds team that won 116 games.

It just goes to show you that you never know in sports

As of this writing the Giants are up 2 games to 1 vs the Yankees. In each game so far the winning team has scored at least 10 runs.

In my face to face baseball league it’s been a real drought. I was sitting pretty in 1st place but thanks to a series of injuries I’ve managed to lose my last 10 in a row.

One of the hardest things to do is to keep playing when you haven’t won a game since October but part of being in a league with other people is give your best effort even when it all falls apart.

But I’ve got to say when you can’t buy a win it can really be a struggle.

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