My Suggestion to Gov Glenn Youngkin: Redefine “California”

Posted: January 20, 2023 by datechguy in politics
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There is a very great danger to letting Democrats in charge of your state because they do things like this:

In March 2021, former Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam signed the legislation — the so-called Clean Cars bill — in an effort to bolster Virginia’s clean energy transition and boost the number of electric vehicles sold throughout the state. The bill, which was praised by environmental groups, also mandates that Virginia automatically adopts tailpipe emissions standards implemented in California.

Youngman has tried to get this repealed so that the standards of Virginia can be decided by Virginians but Democrats have managed to block these attempts.

There is another election in two years so Virginians will have a chance to put a new State Senate majority in place but there is an easier solution that Governor Youngman can implement:

Redefine “California”

Our liberal friends have redefined “Marriage” they’ve redefined “Man”, they’ve redefined “woman” they’ve redefined “free speech” so why not take a page from their book and issue an executive order consisting of the following text:

“For the purposes of the 2021 ‘Clean Cars Bill’ the word ‘California’ shall be defined as ‘The commonwealth of Virginia’.

In one fell swoop suddenly Virginia gets it’s sovereignty over it’s own standards back.

The left will howl but frankly the only way we’re going to stop the left redefining words to advance their agendas is to use the same tactic against them.

Why not start here.

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