Why do so many sit back while so few dismantle the United States?

Posted: March 9, 2023 by Jon Fournier in Uncategorized
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As conditions here in this nation steadily deteriorate I find it most disheartening that so few seem to care.  Far fewer seem inclined to do anything to stop and roll back the progressive onslaught on the freedom and prosperity of the American people.  This is most shocking considering the fact that hardcore progressives make up only a small percentage of the population of this nation.  There are many reasons for this.

Only a small minority of American people actually know what is going on because the left has such a stranglehold on the lines of communication most of us rely on.  With the exception of Fox News, all of the major news networks spout leftist propaganda.  Newsmax and One America News are small potatoes compared to the others and Fox News is far from the Conservative powerhouse it was back in 2010, having been corrupted with progressive influence.  Here in Massachusetts the local news is pure leftist tripe.  Every time I watch I get nauseated.  So few have access to the truth. 

The progressive news media is so adept at casting everything from that side of the political spectrum in a purely positive light, while denigrating all things conservative and libertarian as pure evil.  Because of this most of the more moderate leftists consider themselves to be on the right side of every issue.

Thanks to the widespread censorship of those on the right side of the political spectrum by the social media giants, most are unaware just how bad conditions are.  Most are unaware that progressive policies have caused the carnage.

After several decades of progressive indoctrination at the college level, and a decade at the high and grade school levels, about half of all Americans do not value freedom and liberty.  They mistakenly believe socialism is superior to capitalism.

Progressives have learned that fear is overwhelmingly powerful weapon when it comes to subjugating a populace.  The Wuhan Flu pandemic was the perfect weapon to accomplish this.  It was extremely disturbing to see most of the population meekly accept the trampling of their most important rights.

The deck is so unfairly stacked against us, yet we must wake up our friends and neighbors.  Violence is not the answer.  Communication amd peaceful resistance are our most crucial tools. 

  1. Fred says:

    I believe Lincoln believed he could easily overwhelm the South, He did destroy the Constitution. Too many believe they can repeat this process today.