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If you are vet come with your family to St. Marks Episcopal church in Leominster Sunday at 12 noon for a free lunch.

If you believe there is no such thing as a free lunch or if you live too far away from Leominster Mass, consider instead a contribution to Project ValourIT

Bill Campbell talks to us again about his campaign and upcoming events.

The 7th of October, in Boston. Will you be there?

In the center of Town we had our Memorial Day ceremonies Here is some video of the Parade

And the People Watching it.

We had a series of speakers Including local pols and vets but the most moving words came from the Gold Star Mothers :

Fitchburg Gold Star Mothers

At the close of the ceremony was the volley and taps:

And I include the gallery below.

This may seem like an unremarkable event, but on larger and smaller scales, events like this are being repeated all over the country. As citizens of a free country it is incumbent on us who enjoy the rights protected by the fallen to remember them on this day.

Why should anyone be outraged about Family Guy?

Posted: May 17, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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McFarline has had no problem going after the church, God, family, and has crossed the line of decency so many times that nobody who hasn’t already made a fuss has any business complaining about going after vets?

Of course it would be interesting if he would go after Islam the way he goes after Christianity but then again he already dodged these guys once, maybe he doesn’t want to risk it again.

So let me demonstrate how it’s done:

My favorite of the cartoons

The irony is despite the image in pop culture among liberals I have more to worry about from that photo than he does from Vietnam vets going after him.

I say we don’t allow liberals to score cheap point by going after him since they never complained about anything else he did.