Why should anyone be outraged about Family Guy?

Posted: May 17, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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McFarline has had no problem going after the church, God, family, and has crossed the line of decency so many times that nobody who hasn’t already made a fuss has any business complaining about going after vets?

Of course it would be interesting if he would go after Islam the way he goes after Christianity but then again he already dodged these guys once, maybe he doesn’t want to risk it again.

So let me demonstrate how it’s done:

My favorite of the cartoons

The irony is despite the image in pop culture among liberals I have more to worry about from that photo than he does from Vietnam vets going after him.

I say we don’t allow liberals to score cheap point by going after him since they never complained about anything else he did.

  1. Sounds like every speech I ever heard growing up and sitting through Memorial Day and Veterans Day at the Armory. Except it was towards the Germans and Japanese.