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As it is already Friday and there is only 4 days left before the Election in PA i’ve concluded that PA-12 will have to do without the presence of a Sicilian in a Fedora. Lucky for Tim Burns he had a much more popular visitor from Massachusetts and Robert Stacy provided the Fedora. Hopefully it will be enough.

Meanwhile My plans For Ga-4 have not yet fallen through. The contributor to Pa-12 agreed to apply his gift to Ga-4 putting me $830 away from my initial goal.

Well there is still a week to make up as much of that as I can. If you think some coverage in GA-4 would be worthwhile and would like to help me get there, hit DaTipJar and get me closer to the prize.

…stalling on Ny-29:

I guess Governor David Paterson, the one who wasn’t elected and isn’t running again, has decided the people of New York’s 29th Congressional District don’t deserve representation in Congress. When the creepy Eric Massa (Demented) resigned, he left an open seat. Paterson refuses to set a date for a special election.

I would feel good about this if I were you. It was stuff like this that made Scott Brown possible.

I suggest that if the democrats had not tried to game the Senate Election in Massachusetts. If Kennedy was simply replaced in Nov at the time of the regular election Brown might not have one and he was the domino that made everything else fall.

asking the question about people being arrested for immigration violations:

But the bigger problem was, he wouldn’t say what they were charged with: immigration violations. See, the governor doesn’t like to talk about illegal aliens, especially when they’re committing crimes, as opposed to just being illegal, which Marsha Coakley says is not illegal.

Deval has been “fully briefed” on the probe, or so he said, so he must have known that the feds were tracking illegal aliens. Or maybe no one dared tell him that they were on the trail of some of the people he wants to give in-state tuition to.

Arrested in Watertown – will the Boston City Council vote to boycott Watertown next?

I’m waiting to see La start a boycott of Massachusetts. Will Worcester have a new meeting to vote on forbidding travel to Watertown?

Events like this really drive home the idiocy of the open borders/amnesty crowd.

…Joe Scarborough gives the best summery of the costs changing the intelligence tactics out there. He directly explains the cost of not holding and interrogating suspect and the moves to prosecute those who apprehend them is that we will not get the information needed to protect us from attack. He declares that it is a trade off that will cost American lives. He doesn’t judge it, but says we as a society need to understand this as we make that decision.

The video is not yet available but it should be watched by everyone and anyone who offers an opinion on Gitmo et/al.

That’s why this show is just drives you nuts sometimes.