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Since I’m going to be in Atlanta we ought to get together!

So far I only have a single day tied down (Thursday evening) so I would like to see if anybody would like to have a bloggers night at a local restaurant. Basically I would be doing my DaTechGuy’s field guide to bloggers interviews which each person who attends and we can have a bite to eat, some conversation and maybe even a bloggers roundtable for YouTube.

Anyone interested should either leave a message for me in comments or e-mail me and we will see what we can do.

And even if you aren’t conservative, stop on by, after all there is no reason we can’t enjoy each other’s company.

but I think the winning entries in the Reason contest , well stink.

I disagree with allahpudit, I don’t think they are nearly as clever as the Mohammad drawing here.

I’m checking the finances. I’ve raised enough to pay for the plane ticket and my pal Vinnie has already told me he would put me up for a week. With my first payment from I’m a tad short on the rental car and meals. I’ll see what I can do in terms of cutting costs but I’ve decided that since I can cover the basic costs I’m going to go.

I’ve finalized the trip and purchased the tickets. I’ll be getting there Sunday afternoon and leaving the following Saturday afternoon. I’m trying to get the details of my actual itinerary while I’m down there over the next day or two and arrange for a ride to the airport.

Normally as a conservative I wouldn’t go on the trip without making my price but I’m considering this an investment in persuasion. Can I persuade enough readers that this blog is worth a few dollars? This trip will hopefully help to do just that.

Of course if you want to kick in to DaTipJar I will certainly be grateful.

Apparently these are words that will always go together as long as this president is in the White House.

How Mika could announce this with the word “unexpectedly” at this point is beyond me.

Now on Morning Joe has Warner (D) of Va on explaining how the unemployment numbers don’t actually count.

Give me a break.

Who want to make book that if the president loses in 2012 the word “unexpectedly” disappears.