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For people interested (and even for those not) here is my tentative schedule for the next two days:

Set in STONE:
Thursday: Meet and Greet with Liz Carter at Matthews Cafeteria 2299 Main Street Tucker Ga 30084-4702 8 p.m. 6:30 p.m.

Friday Night 8-9 p.m. Personal meet-up with friends of Mr. Kelly Sr. (my host)

Planned almost certain:

Thursday 12:00 noon or so Lunch with rep of the Cory Ruth’s campaign

Thursday Morning Stone Mountain view the monument take some shots

Must do’s before I leave:

Visit Hank Johnson’s local Lithonia office

Tour Coke Museum (for youngest son)

Photos of houses (for wife)

If there are any local bloggers or tea party members who would like to talk the Matthews event is the best shot to do so. Hope to see you there.

Religion, politics, History, the founding fathers, theology, economics we are opining deeply on all subjects. And of course we have the full Kelly (Vinnie, George, and Joe) Clan joining the Axis of Fedora.

I live for this.

This morning I swung down to Decatur where Kathy Mitchel of the Champion Free Press kindly gave me some of her time today.

One of the things I’ve continually found fascinating is the way county government interacts with towns and cities here, far different than Massachusetts. Kathy explained to me that about a century ago a law was passed that required that county seats needed to be no more than a day’s mule ride away from any citizen. (Forcing

The Champion one of two free papers in the area

government to be close to the people) The result has been a fiercely independent group of local governments that retain a fair amount of power.

It also means that people involved in county government tend to have real world experience in doing things and in interacting with people…Which Brings us to Hank Johnson.

The congressman was involved in country government on the local level for a long time, where he was known for a slow deliberate style. This served him very well against Cynthia McKinney, both has almost identical positions but Johnson’s style was considered a welcome change.

We talked briefly about the Guam issue. As a person who has known him for years she said this is fitting in with his sense of humor and style, the real issue however is not that particular situation, it is the health issue.

Johnson style is slow and deliberate to begin with (she told me of one county meeting with him that seemed to last forever (shades of the culvert). With the sickness slowing him down even further that is a big opening that Vernon Jones perhaps exploit.

She describes Jones and competent and a man who certainly got things done, but who’s shall we say personality might be too dynamic for the district. To say Mr. Jones has a reputation would be a bit of an understatement. As for Connie Stokes she seems to get lost in the shuffle whenever I talk about the race with anyone. I have yet to have anyone volunteer much about her which bodes poorly for her in the race.

In the End she thinks that Johnson will pull it off but was believed it would be close and would not be all that

Kathy Mitchell of the Champion Free Press

surprised if he ended up in a runoff or if Jones managed to win. Here she differed from Jennifer of the Crossroads News. Where she didn’t vary from was her belief that no republican would be elected nor did she consider the tea party a potent force in this election.

We also talked about the south, how jobs and quality of life had attracted people. She also commented on how the end of segregation half a century ago helped attract national business that had avoided the south in the past.

It was such a pleasant visit that I had to rush to my event in Doraville (more on that later). I was very lucky to have the benefit of her experience and now you do too.

Will Folks and the too high price

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I plan this to be my only post on the Will Folks issue:

Folks is finding out what others have discovered. If you want to get attention from the media, and maybe set yourself up for the future, the easiest way is to switch sides against a republican and/or Tea Party Member.

Some things in life however come with too high a price.

Meanwhile Robert Stacy Bottom lines the whole issue in the title of his latest post:

CNN: ‘There Is Nothing in the Correspondence Proving Folks’ Claim That He Had an “Inappropriate Physical Relationship” with Haley’

He is quoting from this CNN story. That’s really all you need to know. But if you want to read all his posts on the subject click here.

Update: Cynthia Yockey sees the same thing I do but is more explicit:

Now, some would say that Folks’ game plan is the same one that was developed and perfected by Democratic nut bloggers in Alaska. That is, upon the clandestine receipt of a handsome sum of money and promises of more if the hit is successful, pretend to be impartial or an ally, profess to all and sundry to be suppressing rumors that had never been rumored, make dark hints, look very knowing, then tell reporters that other reporters will beat them to the story that has been fabricated for the purpose of destroying an enemy until one of them takes the bait and then ALL of them have to cover it.

And to that I would say … um, sounds about right.

I’ll wager that dentist bill would be paid by someone if she was willing to back this guy up, but for Cynthia that price would be too high as well.