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The title comes from the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie and alludes to how many times Tea Party members will have to take abuse from counter protesters before the media notices the difference in tone.

When an anti-tea party protester can reportedly can call a Jewish relative of Holocaust victims a Nazi and nobody bats an eyelash there is something seriously wrong.

Still only $50 in the kitty. I’ve had the car checked and struts replaced. ($225) an I’m told I need two new tires before I even think about such a trip.

I won’t be asking the readers for this since they are things I would need no matter what, but it very much looks like anything that goes on in Pa-12 will happen without me. If you want to change that click here.

However that is less important that what IS going on in PA-12 and that seems to be trending poorly:

Mark Critz, a former aide to the late John Murtha and the Democratic nominee to replace him, has pulled out to a 6-point lead in the special election for Pennsylvania’s 12th district, according to a new Susquehanna poll. Critz leads Republican Tim Burns 44%-38% with less than a week to go.

This is a huge swing from polls last month showing Burns in the lead and over 40%. Of course there is certainly time to turn this around but the interesting this is the fact that this takes place after Critz has taken pains to distance himself from both the party and the healthcare vote. That fact in itself speaks volumes to the populartiy of the democratic congress and the power of the tea party message.

Critz is taking pains to distance himself from its agenda as the vote draws nearer. Most conspicuously, the former Murtha aide launched a television ad this weekend in which — with his voice apparently hoarse from the campaign trail — he aims to set the record straight and declares his opposition to the health care law passed and signed last month. It was a response to an ad from the National Republican Campaign Committee which said Critz “will put the liberal agenda before Pennsylvania.”

“I’m pro life and pro gun. That’s not a liberal,” Critz says in his own spot.

Critz’s camp also says he opposes a proposed cap-and-trade law, something Murtha voted for when the House first acted on it last year.

Burns should be pressing on the repeal issue, Critz is talking a good game but will he vote for repeal and if he says so how long will it take him to break that promise? It only took Bill Owens of NY-23 one day to break four of his.

PA-12 voters should consider carefully before they let themselves be hoodwinked on this, and Burns should be playing that flip flop card strongly.

Comes from this tweet and post from Ruby Slippers Blog:

As you will see in the video, the young woman appears to have spent much if not all of her life in America. She has little if any discernible accent when she speaks. She has been taught to feel this anger and hatred. It seems highly unlikely to me she would be interested in truly hearing Mr. Horowitz’s opinions. Rather she uses the opportunity to reinforce her own beliefs. Credit her with honesty for her willingness to state on the record she would support such a “goal.” If she were a wiser person she might find a future filled with violence against the Jews solves nothing. It will, however, assure more war and despair for future generations in the Middle East. How very sad.

Here is the video, it should be watched by every college administrator.

No ambiguity, no waffling. Ruby Slippers bolds the quote and I’ll repeat it here:

Horowitz …‘Okay, I’ll put it to you this way. I am a Jew. The head of Hizbollah has said that he hopes that we will gather in Israel so he doesn’t have to hunt us down globally. For or Against it?

MSA member: For it.

Zombie’s report on the assault of Lars Vilks attack not withstanding this is more significant. This takes place on an American campus and is said by an American student. This is the reality that people like Pam Geller and Horowitz have warned us about for years.

We have to take this girl and people like her at their word. It needs to be understood that she and people like her are going to be the pool that our enemies use for a successful domestic attack. If we don’t act accordingly then the more fool us.

I was approving comments today and a fellow named Billy asked what I think is a very fair question:

If “Kagan has to stand or fall on her record,” why has every single one of your posts about her been related to her sexual orientation?

It’s a good point worth answering, particularly since I’ve claimed that it has non bearing on her qualifications for the court.

First Two people I like, Robert Stacy McCain and Cynthia Yockey wrote stories on the issue. I thought that Cynthia’s was particularly good and I found it a good reason to link to them. I must not be alone in that opinion since she has been invited on two radio shows since her PJ media piece.

Second: Frankly the Elena Kagan nomination story is… well boring. Very important mind you, will affect the country for decades but boring nonetheless. You have a liberal president with a 59-41 Senate nominating a supreme court nominee. Barring a revelation that she was working secretly for the Taliban there is a greater chance of this president naming me to replace her in the solicitor general’s office than there is of her being defeated. If the Senate was closer it might be different but with these numbers, until the hearing it is just a giant yawner.

Third: We have been told over and over again that republicans and conservatives are “homophobic” and the democratic party is the one place that is welcoming for gays, yet during the course of the year this administration has stuck their finger in the eyes of Gay groups on more than one occasion. Thus how the administration handles the first “Gay” nominee to the court is significant.

Fourth: The reactions themselves have been telling. The suggestion that she is a lesbian is being treated by Democrats and the administration as a slur. This totally contradicts the image the democrats have of themselves as Gay friendly. It is that phoniness that is the only interesting story at this point, at least until the hearing start, then you never know.

Finally: It gave me a chance to quote Andrew Sullivan. For reasons that will be clear in just under three weeks I wanted an excuse to link to and quote Sullivan. This story provided it.

I hope this is an adequate answer to your question.