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Pa-12 still hasn’t seemed to capture the imagination of the readership but things seems to be happening there:

The polling shows a very close race — with Burns in the lead. That has Democrats worried about how other normally-safe districts might turn out in November. That fear has come out in Critz’ campaigning, where he has tried walking a tightrope between opposition to ObamaCare and refusing to commit to overturning it. In a debate yesterday, Burns hammered Critz as to whether his opposition means anything at all if he refuses to take action once elected, a hypocrisy that will not have gone unnoticed by voters watching the debate.

Both national parties have spent plenty of money on this race, with the NRCC outpacing the DCCC by almost $100,000. The DCCC has split its advertising between positive ads on Critz and negative ads against Burns. That’s a bit of a surprise, considering a Democrat shouldn’t feel the need to sell himself in a district with a 2-1 registration advantage. It shows the big problem Democrats face, which is a decided lack of enthusiasm among their own base in the face of overwhelming enthusiasm among Republicans and independents. That’s exactly what has them panicked.

This sounds an awful lot like the Scott Brown election. I think I have a little bit of experience in that regard. It there is news there I’d like to cover it.

I’m scheduled my car to be looked at Tuesday Morning. Once I confirm it can handle it I’d like to head down there. As Robert Stacy said I’m going to need at least $440 to cover the drive down, a Hotel for at least one day and maybe a meal or two. With something left over to show DaWife (who still haven’t forgiven me for Jumping on the Tea Party Express to cover the Washington Events with nothing but my Fedora and Laptop.) that I can actually cover bills doing this. I’ve been married 22 years but I can only survive so many trips to the dog house in a short period in time.

If I can get up to $600 I can manage perhaps 3 days down there. If I can do better then that I can stay through the election and risk the family’s wrath for spending my birthday (election day) down there.
So it’s up to you guys. I haven’t had a nibble on the DaTipJar since before Stacy suggested I head down there. I’m a conservative, I can’t justify a trip if I can’t pay for it so if you want me down there I have to ask you to hit…


It’s your call and I’ll abide by your decision.

Here is he breakdown among democrats on a few questions in that poll:

Q: Do you think Arizona was right to take action by passing it’s new immigration law?

Yes 43% No 41%

Q: Who deserves to be targeted by demonstrations over the immigration issue. The US or Mexico?

Mexico 60%
US 17%

Q: Do you favor building a wall or fence across the border?

Yes 46% No 47%

Q: Do you favor using US troops to patrol the border?

Yes 53% No 41%

Q: Do you favor using the National Guard at the border?

Yes 73% No 22%

Q: Do you favor fines and criminal charges against employers who hire illegal immigrants?

Yes 71% No 23%

Remember these results are all among DEMOCRATS who were a plurality of those polled by a margin of 41% to 37% of republicans with 18% independents.

Democrats please please please keep bringing this up. Protesters please please please keep protesting this law. Rachel Maddow, earn more flowers!

Update: Glenn makes a very important point:

Forget the Arizona bill itself. What this poll says is that despite weeks of national-media coverage that was unrelentingly negative, calling the bill racist, drawing Nazi analogies, etc. — only 15 percent are really against it. Sorry guys — you’re still talking, but people aren’t listening.

When you only talk to yourself that’s all you ever hear.

Actually I don’t wonder at all. It has broken through to the MSM and this is going to have a bigger effect on the Arizona immigration story than any things Barkley or Smith or Webber might say. If I was leading the political charge in favor of the Arizona law I’d call up that principal to get his position. Live oak high school has already felt the need to put a message on their site over the uproar.

Still waiting to see if they will advocate for Free NBA admission for all, and a rule prohibiting kicking out people who sneak in. I also haven’t heard back from the Sun’s publicity people yet.

I think the NBA and MLB are really risking themselves on this in terms of bottom lines. There are simply too many choices out there and it’s too tight an economy to be going against your customer base.

CNN is asking people to comment on this. I’d consider going here to do so.

The latest Fox new poll on the subject shows the public believes Arizona acted correctly by 61% to 27%. By 64%-15% They believe the law should be given a chance rather than trying to stop it. This is going to backfire so huge on these guys it’s not funny, at 64% say to see how it works while only 15% say they should stop it.

NBA get a clue.

Update: Called the Live Oak High School and attempted to get the principal’s office or the switchboard to request an interview. They aren’t answering the phone and all the mailboxes are full. What a surprise!

Update 2: Apparently the Mexican student’s walked out of school yesterday marching on the district “demanding respect“:

The group – mostly high school students – walked out of school this morning after the story of four students who were sent home because they wore American flag T-shirts went viral on TV and online. Many wear red, white and green and two large Mexico flags can be seen at the front of the line.

The students say they want people to know they’re proud of their heritage and they believe wearing red, white and blue on Cinco de Mayo is disrespectful.

Many of the students are from Live Oak High School, who left school around 11 a.m. this morning and decided to march to the school district headquarters just north of Tennant Avenue. When they arrived, they were told to leave.

That’s going to look great on the evening news. I wonder what democrats running for election around the country have to say about this issue and about the Mexican American students walking out of school and marching. Won’t it be fun to find out?

Just before the break Mika gave the number with all frowns. I think they didn’t expect this number. After the break the spin began.

For god sake guys this is going on even with a bunch of temp census jobs out there and they are all going nuts over it.

C’mon guys help me out here. Justify my faith in you. I know you are MSNBC but C’MON!

Update: The Captain is with them today but notes that as you sow politically so shall you reap:

On the decline, the Obama administration was able to claim lower numbers by using the unemployment rate and avoiding the issue of discouraged workers. They’ll pay for that on the incline as those workers start looking for jobs again. For the next several months, that unemployment rate may hide good news as it hid the bad news last year.

The difference, the media didn’t call the administration on playing with numbers when it favored them. They will certainly back them up now.