One more thing about that Fox poll concerning the Arizona Law…

Posted: May 7, 2010 by datechguy in elections, internet/free speech, opinion/news
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Here is he breakdown among democrats on a few questions in that poll:

Q: Do you think Arizona was right to take action by passing it’s new immigration law?

Yes 43% No 41%

Q: Who deserves to be targeted by demonstrations over the immigration issue. The US or Mexico?

Mexico 60%
US 17%

Q: Do you favor building a wall or fence across the border?

Yes 46% No 47%

Q: Do you favor using US troops to patrol the border?

Yes 53% No 41%

Q: Do you favor using the National Guard at the border?

Yes 73% No 22%

Q: Do you favor fines and criminal charges against employers who hire illegal immigrants?

Yes 71% No 23%

Remember these results are all among DEMOCRATS who were a plurality of those polled by a margin of 41% to 37% of republicans with 18% independents.

Democrats please please please keep bringing this up. Protesters please please please keep protesting this law. Rachel Maddow, earn more flowers!

Update: Glenn makes a very important point:

Forget the Arizona bill itself. What this poll says is that despite weeks of national-media coverage that was unrelentingly negative, calling the bill racist, drawing Nazi analogies, etc. — only 15 percent are really against it. Sorry guys — you’re still talking, but people aren’t listening.

When you only talk to yourself that’s all you ever hear.

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