Still $440 away from affording Pa-12

Posted: May 7, 2010 by datechguy in blogger for hire, elections, employment
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Pa-12 still hasn’t seemed to capture the imagination of the readership but things seems to be happening there:

The polling shows a very close race — with Burns in the lead. That has Democrats worried about how other normally-safe districts might turn out in November. That fear has come out in Critz’ campaigning, where he has tried walking a tightrope between opposition to ObamaCare and refusing to commit to overturning it. In a debate yesterday, Burns hammered Critz as to whether his opposition means anything at all if he refuses to take action once elected, a hypocrisy that will not have gone unnoticed by voters watching the debate.

Both national parties have spent plenty of money on this race, with the NRCC outpacing the DCCC by almost $100,000. The DCCC has split its advertising between positive ads on Critz and negative ads against Burns. That’s a bit of a surprise, considering a Democrat shouldn’t feel the need to sell himself in a district with a 2-1 registration advantage. It shows the big problem Democrats face, which is a decided lack of enthusiasm among their own base in the face of overwhelming enthusiasm among Republicans and independents. That’s exactly what has them panicked.

This sounds an awful lot like the Scott Brown election. I think I have a little bit of experience in that regard. It there is news there I’d like to cover it.

I’m scheduled my car to be looked at Tuesday Morning. Once I confirm it can handle it I’d like to head down there. As Robert Stacy said I’m going to need at least $440 to cover the drive down, a Hotel for at least one day and maybe a meal or two. With something left over to show DaWife (who still haven’t forgiven me for Jumping on the Tea Party Express to cover the Washington Events with nothing but my Fedora and Laptop.) that I can actually cover bills doing this. I’ve been married 22 years but I can only survive so many trips to the dog house in a short period in time.

If I can get up to $600 I can manage perhaps 3 days down there. If I can do better then that I can stay through the election and risk the family’s wrath for spending my birthday (election day) down there.
So it’s up to you guys. I haven’t had a nibble on the DaTipJar since before Stacy suggested I head down there. I’m a conservative, I can’t justify a trip if I can’t pay for it so if you want me down there I have to ask you to hit…


It’s your call and I’ll abide by your decision.

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