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Hit the Monastary of the Holy Spirit this morning (wonderful place), had a long interview with Cory Ruth (r), toured the World of Coca Cola museum took more photos of houses and managed to get caught in the same thunderstorm twice in one day, once in Atlanta and once back here.

I’m currently washing clothes and getting ready for final packing of both the clothes and some stuff for the family. I’m hoping to hit one more event in the morning if possible. I have several posts that I’m working on concerning the trip and hoping to do a long round up of what I saw and thought.

My stomach is going to miss this place badly but I suspect my arteries will not.

You might have noticed btw that I have very few video interviews of individuals even though that is my normal practice. For whatever reason people though willing to talk were reluctant to appear on video outside of events.

That has been a very productive trip. Starting on Monday we will discover what the prospects are of me taking any others.

Vinnie and I went to Matthews Cafeteria last night to a Liz Carter event. The food was very good. This might sound hard to believe to Georgia readers but I’d never had a deep fried pork chop before. In the back room Liz Carter met with a couple of dozen voters taking questions and introducing a presentation on the flat fair tax.

A brief talk about the Fair Tax, the basic idea being that it would replace federal income taxes and payroll taxes. Liz endorsed the fair tax and has promised to support it.

A very fair question was asked how we would prevent it from being amended to make it just as big a monster as the current code. The answer is it’s up to us. If we don’t hold our reps accountable that is what will happen. I’m afraid I didn’t show very much journalistic detachment, but then again I’ve never pretended that I am not a conservative republican nor that I want a conservative republican to win.

Joe, Vinnie and the newest member of the Axis of Fedora

Vinnie was very impressed with Liz (who joined the Axis of Fedora) and took a bumper sticker and information. This is exactly what will be necessary after the primaries if this seat is going to flip. She also told an anecdote that was very telling.

I also met her sons, fine young boys although we are only 6 years apart in age she certainly doesn’t look old enough to have boys that age.

It is unlikely that I will get a chance to see her again before I leave, I’m really sorry I didn’t meet her husband, he must be a fine fellow who is nearly as lucky as me.

Update: the first paragraph should have said “Fair” rather than “flat” Thanks to kp for catching that. My bad.

They have lots of mobility:

New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is reportedly pitching a plan for an increased “millionaire’s tax” aimed at 75-85 thousand New Yorkers making $1 million or more a year.

And for those brokers who don’t move, consider this. The top earner types among brokers will demand pay raise to maintain their levels of income, their firms will achieve this by raising fees. The Result? This will turn into a tax on stockholders no matter where they live.

WTG New York

As we see the latest version of Dice-K goes wild:

Matsuzaka suffered the loss as the Kansas City Royals defeated the Red Sox 4-3 at Fenway Park. He had lasted only 4 2/3 innings and allowed only three runs on two hits. The problem, however, was that he matched a career high with eight walks and posted only one strikeout. He also threw a wild pitch and hit a batter.

So I presume that means I can come back.