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Chris Noonan Funnell is a local blogger

You can catch her today on Blog Talk Radio this evening.

Dean arrived a little late to the conference but still made time to talk to me.

The Return of “Yes Prime Minister”

Posted: May 9, 2010 by datechguy in fun
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Years and government might change but the intransigence of the government and civil service bureaucracy remain eternal hopeless. Or at least it will be on screen as the original creators of the spectacular British series Yes (Prime) Minister are going to have another go at it.

They say that whoever you vote for the Government always gets in. That was the running joke behind Yes, Prime Minister, the Eighties comedy that did its eloquent bit to undermine our faith in the possibilities of political change. And now, whoever we voted for yesterday, Yes, Prime Minister is itself back, this time as a play receiving its first previews in Chichester next week.

Unfortunately for us in the states this will be unlikely to cross the pond. With the base writing team on the job we know the quality will be there. Will this lead to a new series? Time will tell.

Here is a glimpse of the old one if you haven’t heard of it:

This is a tough act to follow. I wish them luck

I talked to Edward just after lunch yesterday:

He was right, I had the same problem only worse at CPAC too many good choices. Men with good taste in hats should always be listened to.