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What are the odds that the first person I talk to in Georgia would be from Boston?

The look on her face when I asked if she was a republican or a democrat was priceless.

Update: Instalanche! Thanks Glenn. More of my Georgia-4 coverage from Mamie’s Kitchen and from a local paper The Crossroads news. I just under an hour ago got back from a candidate forum in the 7th district and will be uploading video overnight for Posting tomorrow. And don’t miss my Examiner column on the Rand Paul issue here. And don’t forget every time you read one of my examiner columns you put a penny in my pocket.

I will be posting from Georgia’s 4th district and the area all week, I hope to see you again before I head home. Then again if this post is to be believed maybe they won’t let a seditious person like me back

Update 2: Oh and if you are just finding me via Glenn, Robert Stacy or the Daily Gator here are the posts up to the moment of the trip:

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A Few Photos from tonight: Photos from the United PeachTree Corners Civic Organization candidate’s forum. on May 24th.

Yet another example of a Mass Pol discovering that decisions have consequences so to speak:

Massachusetts State Rep. Michael J Moran was rear-ended by a 27 year-old illegal immigrant on Friday. Boston’s Fox25 reports,

It gets more interesting he has apparently voted consistently for any kind of legislation to preserve, protect and defend the ability of illegal aliens to remain in the state and get benefits at the expense of the Massachusetts Taxpayer.
Meanwhile the person in question isn’t worried:

“I’m going to go back to my country, Mexico -Nothing is going to happen to me, man!”

Smitty has this to say about the potential coverage:

That said, it will be interesting to watch this “unfortunately undocumented societal victim of Bush-era injustice” move through the system.

Since it is difficult to pursue journalism while pandering, I’d expect this story to get rear-ended by a propaganda-drunk media.

Alas now I’m in Georgia so I can’t get to the bottom of this mess now but it will give me something to do when I get back.

via Hotair and the green room:

That pretty much says it all.

On the heels of my column about Rand Paul Sarah Palin knowingly gives the message that she has seen this before:

“One thing that we can learn in this lesson that I have learned and Rand Paul is learning now is don’t assume that you can engage in a hypothetical discussion about constitutional impacts with a reporter or a media personality who has an agenda, who may be prejudiced before they even get into the interview in regards to what your answer may be — and then the opportunity that they seize to get you,” Palin told “Fox News Sunday.”

My thought is that you have to be willing to go to those venues but be wary, trust by verify. Otherwise you are going to get an education.