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An interesting side effect of an instalanche…

Posted: May 5, 2010 by datechguy in oddities
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…is that suddenly all the links you made to memeorandum that didn’t appear on their lists suddenly become active.

Just saying.

…and asked him for his reaction on the Phoenix Suns business today.

He informed me he thought this was an extremely short sighted and foolish move by both the Suns and the NBA that would likely backfire. He believes that most of the people complaining haven’t actually read the law and are working off of what the media has said.

I brought up the example of the Suns checking tickets or letting people in without enforcing their own admission rules he said that gets to the point of the issue.

I’m grateful for the Minuteman project for getting back to me. I’m still waiting to hear back from the Suns concerning my interview requests via both phone and e-mail.

I ask again, will the Suns decide to check for tickets of people trying to get in? Will they decide to check the tickets of people sitting in seats to see if they are in the right seats? What will they use to determine if they check. Will they profile the people in the stadium?

The Phoenix Suns Basketball Communications (Media) line is (602) 379-7920. If they don’t get back to me perhaps you might ask them the same question?

First of all thanks to everyone who checked out my examiner articles it’s makes a different and covers a bill or two.

Second I’m no longer going to be keeping the running totals at the top of the blog, I’m just going to put up say 3 posts a week like this one to let you know what’s happening on the Pa-12, Ga-4 front. So here goes…

On the Pa-12 front I have seen absolutely no interest from people. In terms of contributions I’ve picked up nearly…nearly 1. So I am still $440 away from spending my birthday watching Tim Burns win in Pa. UPDATE $390 to go now He sure will with ads like this:

If you think Stacy & Roxeanne are right hit DaTipJar and help get me down there. Maybe I can even talk Roxeanne into coming too. (specify Pa-12 in comments). The clock is really ticking fast on this one. For every extra $150 over the amount over the $440 I’ll stay an extra day (Roxeanne permitting).

As for the Atlanta trip. My pal Vinnie has offered to put me up so lets call that worth $250. That leaves me $880 to go, the one problem is the closer I get to the travel date the more the price can change. If you want to kick in toward that one again hit DaTipJar and put Ga-4 in comments.

I’ll put up about 3 of these updates a week for now. On June 1st I’m going to go all out to find out just how much I’m worth compared to Andrew Sullivan. Stay tuned.

Update: The Call for help in Pa-12 is sounded by Robert Stacy, can you help me get there to see it?

So he can ask my questions to Lindsay Beyerstein too.

According to Beyerstein, then, ”blind prejudice” has defined human society since the dawn of history, and continues to do so except in a relative handful of industrialized Western democracies.

Ms. Beyerstein must find her smug self congratulatory superiority over most of the humans who ever lived very comfortable. Lets listen to some.

You can use religious language to express your belief that gays and lesbians are disgusting second class citizens unworthy of rights that heterosexuals take for granted, but it doesn’t make your position any less bigoted. Logically, there is no reason to put same-sex relationships on a lesser legal footing than opposite sex unions, unless you think there’s something wrong with them.

I think we should pray for her.