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Vinnie showed me around CNN after the Varsity a few nights ago, it’s actually incredible when you consider the volume of data that goes through there and the amount of effort it takes to make everything work. I met an awful lot of hard working people there and discovered the answer to a question that has baffled conservatives for years…

Good thing I didn’t visit MSNBC otherwise it might not have worn off, then again maybe the three ladies would have liked me better.

I’ve alluded to the Memorial Day event at Doraville already, Liz Carter was there and after Col Kings presentation she talked to me a bit about what we heard:

I have to agree Chief King was very impressive and a lot of people would benefit from his presentation.

Not 8 as I said earlier but I’ll stay late

…but let me tell you this. I was at his office in Lithonia today and I was treated like an honored guest.

Hank Johnson's Lithonia office: Nice people inside

I want to thank the staff and particularly Andy Phelan. We certainly don’t agree on policy but they have the concept of southern hospitality down pat.