Morning Joe is spinning the 9.9% unemployment as good news?

Posted: May 7, 2010 by datechguy in employment, media, opinion/news
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Just before the break Mika gave the number with all frowns. I think they didn’t expect this number. After the break the spin began.

For god sake guys this is going on even with a bunch of temp census jobs out there and they are all going nuts over it.

C’mon guys help me out here. Justify my faith in you. I know you are MSNBC but C’MON!

Update: The Captain is with them today but notes that as you sow politically so shall you reap:

On the decline, the Obama administration was able to claim lower numbers by using the unemployment rate and avoiding the issue of discouraged workers. They’ll pay for that on the incline as those workers start looking for jobs again. For the next several months, that unemployment rate may hide good news as it hid the bad news last year.

The difference, the media didn’t call the administration on playing with numbers when it favored them. They will certainly back them up now.

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