Since Rich has finished his last story and hasn’t started his next story yet and we need a change of pace to get my mind off of all of the stupid stuff we’ve had to deal with today.

So lets have a fun poll that has (almost) nothing political about it:

The Ron Paul thing BTW is a running gag and the only thing from Charles worth emulating these days

  1. GS says:

    I had a hard time deciding between Pertwee and Tennant. I loved Pertwee’s crazy take on the character, and I think Tennant brought it back after Eccleston’s version, which I didn’t necessarily dislike, but certainly was relieved by Tennant’s performance. In the end, though, the Martha Jones storyline was just so awesome in both scope and execution. 10th Doctor FTW!

    Speaking of which, the new Robert Downey, Jr. Sherlock Holmes movie looks like an abomination IMO. I want a real Sherlock Holmes adaptation with David Tennant as the namesake.

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