It all depends on what you call evil, the backwards world of Wonkette UPDATE: Fark?

Posted: March 6, 2011 by datechguy in internet/free speech, opinion/news
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The NYT talked a bit about Koch today and told about his philanthropic work:

Mr. Koch, a billionaire who is perhaps best known for his family’s contributions to conservative causes, got a standing ovation from scientists, Nobel laureates and politicians of various political stripes as he opened the new David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which he gave $100 million to help build.

Yup $100 million for cancer research I was curious how the left would react. So I went to Wonkette to check it out

David Koch is super sad about how the mean poor/working people are upset because he’s funding and directing the destruction of government unions nationwide. This makes him feel bad! And even though the deeply secretive David Koch never does an interview, the New York TImes somehow managed to get him to speak, on the occasion of David Koch being honored for giving millions of dollars to a cancer research center, because he has cancer and wants to cure his own cancer, even though he owns an evil forestry empire that insists formaldehyde (a carcinogen) is not a carcinogen. See, when poor people get cancer, it’s because they suck. And when rich people who exploit nature and humanity get cancer, it’s time to send $100 million to some little people who can maybe take care of the problem.

Ok I wasn’t really curious, I excepted exactly this, and the comments were even more fun, take a peek:

Here’s one

The only upbeat part of that article is that David Koch has cancer. Everything else is just Koch-sucking.

and Barbara:

I’m really sorry about his prostate cancer. I hope that it doesn’t spread to his anus. If he has to have an asshole transplant, he will be the first person to have the transplant reject the donee.

doc zoom:

It would be inhumane to publicly rejoice at the news that a fellow human being has cancer.

I will therefore rejoice only in private.

And these are not exceptions, they are typical of the comments left. Remember if you disagree with the left politically and do something about it, you are evil and deserve a painful death..

Meanwhile after reading a bit of this nonsense I left the following comment myself:

Yeah tear off those name because if there is one thing that the world needs, is fewer people giving hundreds of millions for cancer research.

I’m sorry but you folks have become parodies of yourself

That comment was rated -31 (so far) and generated five replies one example:

Dear Teabag Troll. We’re happy meester Koch is giving some of his billions to cancer research instead of his usual global warming lovin’, union bustin’, big insurance savin’, Freedom Works sponsorin’ right wing “hobbies”. Just pointing out how he’s all about taking care of #1. Well those things and dinosaurs.. but then they gave him his oil.

Now you might wonder why I bothered? Well it’s because when I saw the reaction I thought of this article I blogged about before:

Monitor Group, a Cambridge-based consultant firm founded by Harvard professors. The management consulting firm received $250,000 a month from the Libyan government from 2006 to 2008 for a wide range of services, including writing the book proposal, bringing prominent academics to Libya to meet Khadafy “to enhance international appreciation of Libya’’ and trying to generate positive news coverage of the country.

And as Moneyrunner put it:

Professors sent to visit Khadafy included luminaries such as Joseph Nye, former dean of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard; Lord Anthony Giddens, former head of the London School of Economics; Francis Fukuyama political philosopher from Stanford University; and Benjamin Barber, who has written extensively about democracy.

The Monitor Group is not a small organization, boasting 1,500 employees and 29 office worldwide. It is particularly proud of its Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Network, Racial Diversity Network and Women’s Leadership Initiative. For some reason it did not choose to devote part of its website to its “Whitewashing Brutal Dictators Project.”

Well of course I’m sure that since Wonkette readers are so outraged over the Koch article I’m sure that even through the monitor group supports leftist causes they must me outraged over their accepting money from a person who sends jets to slaughter his own people. There has to be article after article and comment after outraged comment on the subject, Right?

Hey there is evil and there is EVIL

Wrong. The monitor group doesn’t rate an article, doesn’t rate a comment, doesn’t rate outrage, but be fair after all Koch is supporting Scott Walker who wants to make labor rules that are still more generous than federal rules or those in other states so he deserves to be opposed cancer research money or no, but as long as you are funding Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Network, Racial Diversity Network then taking money from actual dictators and mass murders. Hey its all cool.

This is the backwards world of the left, take a bow Wonkette and readers thereof. You make it so easy to show the left for what it is.

Update: Irony meter overload #1 Another replay to what I wrote from Gef05:

What’s interesting is you see our snark as self-parody.

Yet you are unable to see the irony in a man spending millions to say “this carcinogen is no carcinogen” while donating money to cancer research.

Just please go away and play with your own kind. (emphasis mine) Somewhere where the rest of us don’t have to tolerate your lack of thought or your hatred for your fellow man.

The “hatred for the fellow man stuff” is funny and it prompted one more reply from me:

Where is the hatred thing coming from? I don’t know you or any of the people here? Why should I hate any of you?

I just think you’re very very wrong on this topic and other and a lot of the people here are kinda angry. I see it a lot on the left when I cover events and it’s really amazing to see how people kind of lose it .

But hey its a free country, you’ve got to get it out of your system somehow and it makes for good fodder for the blog and the radio show so I should be grateful.

And BTW as an American, in America, you are all “my kind” even Yankee Fans.

Irony meter overload #2 There is another place where Walker is being compared to a dictator:

So in this clip covering the protests in Wisconsin we have the requisite comparisons to Egypt, but PRESS TV also finds someone willing to call Gov. Walker a dictator. Have a look at the photo they’ve used in the background of their set and tell me which dictator they have in mind

Side by side with Iranian TV, solidarity all!

Irony meter overload #3
When Bobby hates you; you stay hated:

He went on to say that he had just visited a high school with [former Florida Governor Jeb] Bush. The crowd booed and hissed.

Booed and hissed? In Obama’s face? Just as he’s talking about the things that drive us together as opposed to the things that drive us apart?!

Did Obama’s own supporters ever take his Tucson speech seriously? And yet his opponents were supposed to moderate their politics at his behest.

Obama may be their guy but there are limits to the famous tolerance of the left.

(BTW the Bobby quote is from old Joe Kennedy he complained how JFK was kind of soft, but Bobby was his boy. I found the quote in Tip O’Neil’s autobiography Man of the House. Should be required reading right and left.)

Update 2:: One of the Wonkette people teased over the lack of comments last night. Alas they didn’t wait for today’s Instalanche.

Update 3: somebody decided to put my comment up on Fark and it generated hundreds of comments. It was suggested that I go over there because apparently I’m being hit pretty hard there. To that I say: So?

I posted on the wonkette thing because I found it interesting and illustrative of the left, and I found the reactions to my comments even more illustrative of the same. The reactions on Fark simply reinforce the point I was making.

I find it all quite amusing.

So fark guys, welcome, feel free to take a look around and come back if you want.

  1. the problem child says:

    Warblog? Dumbass.

  2. what if? says:

    The Civility of the Left…

    Perhaps President Obama needs to give another speech about civility? The NYT talked a bit about Koch today and told about his philanthropic work: Mr. Koch, a billionaire who is perhaps best known for his family’s contributions to conservative causes,…..

  3. Peg says:

    Incredible reporting, Peter! Linked to this at my blog; gotta share it with the world! (Of course, afraid my links aren’t quite up to an Instalanche – but – I do what I can – LOL!)

  4. john b says:

    Read any conservative leaning site and you’ll see the same liberal trolls comment on each post multiple times. More often than not they try to hijack the thread. Any attempt to reason with them or use facts and logic is a lesson in futility and yet they are tolerated and even welcome to share their side of the issues. On left leaning sites, no dissent is welcome and you may even be outright banned if you don’t toe the party line.

  5. Beth Donovan says:

    I had no idea that Wonkette still existed.

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  7. Excellent. Fixed your “DocZero” link when I excerpted you.

  8. Er, “doc zoom” I mean.

  9. noahp says:

    Dear datech guy. Agree with everything you say but you should proofread your comments to Wonkette…didn’t come across as particularly literate.

    Note to Wonkette hater: prostate cancer spreads to the anus once in a blue moon so keep holding your breath!

    I’m conservative so I have a lot of problems with some of the Koch brothers’ libertarian views in terms of political reality. But basically I agree: statism sucks!

  10. jsho says:

    I got to talking to a union guy about Koch this weekend and I stayed calm and let him spew his talking points. I then pointed out that as evil as David Koch might be, he still employs thousands of people in the US through Koch Industries. His counterpart on the left, George Soros, only employs those at the Center for American Progress and MoveOn.

  11. Max says:

    You got flamed on the internet and it made you sore enough to blog about it?

    That’s actually fairly pathetic.

    I strongly recommend you either sack up a little bit or consider not engaging in political discussion on the internet.

  12. Stevil says:

    I went there to bask for a moment in the warm glow of the company of the good, caring, civil, decent, tolerant people with their open-mindedness to diverse perspectives.

  13. Amazing R says:

    Really?? Even Yankee fans? I don’t know if I can go that far. ;)

    Yes it is amazing how the lefties label you as a teabagger nowadays, shout you down, and spout such anger at you rather than actually debate a topic. They are all heart and emotion, and no mind or logic. They need to find a balance between the two.

  14. EcoDude says:

    Haven’t people on the left figured out the difference between conservatives and libertarians? The Koch family has donated money to fight the war on drugs, to repeal the Patriot Act, and other causes that some conservatives may find objectionable.

    I think that this is the left’s biggest faux pas in terms of lumping all people who produce wealth as “conservative”

  15. SDN says:

    “Just please go away and play with your own kind. (emphasis mine) Somewhere where the rest of us don’t have to tolerate your lack of thought or your hatred for your fellow man.”

    techguy, this is why I have come to the conclusion that a) Leftism is incompatible with a civil society and b) it’s time for another cleansing such as occurred with Tories after the Revolution and slaveowners after the Civil War. There is no other solution because the Left will never leave us in peace otherwise.

  16. JC says:

    Really? A story about commenters? There was a study some time ago stating that only 10% of internet users interact with any piece of information. Of that 10%, 1% create the information; the rest are usually responses to said information. So you have basically taken 9% of all traffic to that one story and extrapolated it across an entire idealogical outlook.

  17. Rollory says:

    “as an American, in America, you are all “my kind””

    They’re really not.

    More importantly, _they_ don’t think they are.

    This is not “one nation” anymore. They know who their enemies are, and when it comes time to try to kill their enemies, they’re all for it. It’s only one side that is still trying to play fair.

  18. Staci says:

    So you are only now figuring out people on the internet are assholes? It’s not a political thing, it’s a human thing. Doubt me? Go read any of the comments on any article on

  19. Gay Guy says:

    I heard he’s going to have to have one of them poop bags. He deserves it.

  20. peckerwood says:

    Duh, rule 12 hate doesn’t need to maek sense.

  21. Inkblot says:

    I don’t know if it was you who linked your own article on, but I do know that leaving it open for comments was a bad idea.

  22. millrace says:

    it’s all very well you bemoaning a lack of recognition for koch’s donations to cancer research but you have to factor in reality.

    they’re worth $40 billion us – that is $40,000 million. $100 million to cancer research is proportional to a guy on $40k pa giving $100 dollars to a cause. it’s like a guy with $400 in is pocket giving $1 to a street urchin. it’s nothing worthy of praise. 1% of their wealth would be $400 million. think about it, this is 0.25% of their wealth (and do you know if they used their contributions to avoid tax?)

    they have far, far, far beyond what anyone would need to live in complete luxury, yet you want to laud them for giving 0.25%

    you want to laud them for contributing .25% of their wealth and ignore the fact that the vast majority of their “donations” are to political causes that enable them to get massively richer?

    who do you think they get richer at the expense of? gyac – it’s you, grovelling little you

  23. Steve D says:

    Only -31? That’s mellow. I posted a few essays on Little Green Footballs when it was still something of a sane centrist site, but I don’t even visit it any more because it has careened so far to the left. Notice how you’re a “troll” if you challenge their assumptions?

    I went to Pharyngula once when they were waxing wroth over gay marriage and posted a challenge: prove that gay marriage is a right. Hilarity did ensue. Remember, it’s only religious believers who have unsupported beliefs.

  24. Max says:

    If you think there’s any difference just because of left or right, you have also got a fairly myopic view of the world, you’re only seeing what you want to see.

    Humans are humans, and while one person wearing a blue shirt is calling for calm the other one is painting swastikas over your picture. While one person in a red shirt is urging a more balanced discussion of responsibility, the other is waving a sign that says god hates fags. If all you see is the shirt, you’re missing the bigger picture.

    To put it another way, lots of different people wear blue shirts, lots wear red. If I judge you based on shirt color then I am making assumptions about you because you happen to wear the same color shirt as Glenn Beck or Matt Drudge. And that wouldn’t be fair.

    To follow this analogy, “Libs do this” is a really broad brush based on shirt color. You can find the exact behavior you’re describing easily enough – go post a conservative message on a Kos discussion or a Huffington Post discussion. But you can find it the other way, too – go to LGF or FreeRepublic for that one.

    The problem comes when you start painting with that broad brush and people that don’t share the trait you’re describing see it. Conservatives all think protesting military funerals with god hates fags signs is a good idea. Liberals all think my taxes should pay for negroes to go to school. Whatever. No matter what, when you start making those ideological generalizations, you’re really not contributing anything to the discourse. The inverted moral world of the left is no different from the inverted moral world of the right, and the only way you can avoid the hypocrisy is to recognize that you and I are different people than each other and different people than Phelps or Grayson or whatever.

    The generalizations are what, more than anything else, bring out the trolls and flamers. Part because those generalizations are their tools, part because if you’re making the generalizations they assume you fall apart in the specifics… and they’re often right.

    If you try to take them head on, the generalizations will get more general and it gets harder to refute them without letting emotion and passion show in your post. At that point, your only real option is to leave; they’ve tasted blood in the water and they’re going for the throat, and they know how to make you more angry. Once that starts to devolve into that you’re not going to convince anyone of anything. This is equally true of lefty trolls, righty trolls, and chameleon trolls who will take whatever position will get the most reaction.

    Good luck out there, you have a real passion for what you’re doing, and if you stop with the broad brush and go for specifics you’ll get much more satisfying results.


  25. OSweet says:

    I suspect most or all of Wonkette’s comments are by Meester Ken Layne, using different user-pseudonyms.

  26. Ryan says:

    Your blog sucks.

  27. millrace says:

    get yourself over to fark and identify yourself, man – you’re underneath a 250 mile high dogpile over there

  28. Teckla says:

    I find your over-arching stereotype of the “left”, “liberals” and “democrats” to be… lacking any formal word appropros to the situation, both hypocritical and demeaning.

    Granted, I appreciate your bringing to light the idea that previously, American citizens and politicians were supportive of Khadafy, and that they tried to enlighten the world’s public of his viewpoint of himself and his country, prior to anyone truly investigating how his people have suffered under his reign. I would like to point out that it is hard for the voice of the common plebian to be heard, given no resources, and the inability to spend time on more pressing issues because of said lack of resources. However, I would also like to point out that per your idea, it has only a name of a publication as a reference of when this funding occured and does not cite the article, author or date when this was published.

    I also find it disturbing that a website should be so biased in its coverage, and would like to thank you for pointing this out to the masses ‘at large.’ I would also like to thank you for pointing out that a vocal minority are making the Enitirety of the Left, as you see it, look bad.

    Speaking of vocal minorities, I find it ironic that the Democrats should be labeled as such when we have known for years that only the minority of a population has either the time or the participatory ability to vote. When only 40% of a population turn up to voting booths, should we really label those who are voted into office “the majority”?

    Purposefully Uneducated trolls, who do not appreciate the English language, nor have the ability to make clear, rational thoughts other than harsh accusations of the ‘other side’ on a debate, do not deserve to be debated; period. However, it seems that for some of the time, you are willing to, albeit partially, educate yourself of another’s perspective.

    So, here’s a hint: Public Union members, just as Private Union members, deserve the ability to have a discussion about more than just their payscale, such as benefits, work related health issues, etc. . Their benefits are a part of their compensation package. They can choose to either be given that part of their compensation directly, or have it set aside for when they retire so they aren’t automatically drawing from Social Security.

    That isn’t even the main issue at hand, or is even the slightest bit scary in the bill. The larger issue that everyone is ignoring, because the media is making it their agenda to ignore it, is the no-bid electric power plant buy-out ability that the Koch bros. would possess after the passing of said bill. De-regulation, and non-interference from Big Governement has allowed for essentially the same situation as the late 1920’s, early 1930’s.
    I am on the side of anyone who has a heart big enough to donate whatever amount of their wealth to help the well being of society, even if it might benefit themselves in any length of run. I doubt that even his donation will save his life,, due to cancer’s ability to eat someone alive in a relativiely short span of time, so I find Dave’s donation to be mostly altrusitic.
    But, we must consider that however generous he is to one side, he is also generous to the other side. He is also willing to fund proponenets of his economic agenda at the cost of his social/moral agenda. He is willing to sacrifice his morals in order to gain more power and wealth. Can we agree that this sounds similar to Dorian Gray? Sure, he was very pretty on the surface, but someone who is willing to sell his soul for earthly gratification was considered evil at one point.
    Now I have made the “Left’s” argument for them as to why most people should consider David Koch to be … lacking a moral compass. I understand that the Unions have also funded political agendas, but they have been funded from Private Unions as well, from their collected funds/fees.

    I would finally like to contribute this golden thought: If you demolish a Union’s bargaining rights… well, part of bargaining rights in any union, is the ability to prevent layoffs, whether that be through paycuts, or some other bargaining tools, such as 10 hours workdays.
    If you get rid of this ability to prevent bargaining, you also get rid of the ability to prevent lay-offs. If Walker is threatening now 1,500 jobs to save some 100 milllion dollars, when those rights are gon what is to prevent him from laying off the entirety of public workers and paying new uneducated people minimum wage to take their place? Talk about saving money, you could even hire criminals to do the work and have them pay off their debt to society for taking up government subsidised living spaces in prison.

    So, salute the conservatives, for indeed their only rationale seems to be to ‘conserve’ money for themselves and their friends.

  29. Dave says:

    Hurr durrr I don’t know what a satire is I’m a teatard. WONKETTE IS SATIRE YOU F********.

  30. Bartink's Mom says:

    I personally find this very evil. And my son smells.

  31. ifnuwant says:

    Live-blog a flame war
    Get your dumb headline on Fark
    Profit? Your blog sucks.

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  33. The Devolutionist says:

    “Alas they didn’t wait for today’s Instalanche.”

    Hmmm, let’s see, out of 20 comments:

    2 are re-tweets
    4 were written by you
    1 is apparently a Wonkette commenter who came over here
    1 is a spelling correction to a prior post
    1 agrees with you but says your comments at Wonkette didn’t come off as “literate.”
    1 calls you “pathetic” for getting sore after getting into an Internet flame war (I agree!)

    Okay, you got Wonkette. Ten comments of unqualified support! As a brain-dead newscaster once said: “Keep ****** that chicken!” (google it, the video’s hysterical.)

  34. Glenn says:

    “Just please go away and play with your own kind.”

    Typical. They talk about being open minded and accepting but when anyone has a dissenting opinion it’s, “Please leave!”

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  36. […] Top Posts It all depends on what you call evil, the backwards world of Wonkette UPDATE: Fark? Let me say bluntly Robert Stacy McCain is worth 20 of youPlanned Parenthood, teaching our girl […]

  37. The Devolutionist says:

    First you get ze comments, zen you get ze power, zen you get ze women…

  38. Marty says:

    Even when they try, like Teckla, all that comes out is drivel.

    But with an edgy atitude, so i guess that makes it valid.

  39. el polacko says:

    ‘funny’ how none of these fevered articles of late about the koch brothers mention their support of gay rights and their large contribution to the ACLU, isn’t it ?

  40. Suddenly my debates with Mahablog seem very tame. Thank you for teaching me an important lesson: never ever comment at Wonkette or Fark. On the offhand chance that I end up on those sites in the future, it is a lesson I will remember.

    Pearls before swine

  41. DTG: Good stuff, and keep up the good work!

    I agree that liberals see conservatives as evil, while conservatives see liberals as stupid or misguided. (This may be changing; I see more and more conservatives no longer willing to give President Obama’s good motives the benefit of the doubt, for example.)

    To me, this is just a reflection of Churchill’s famous comment (paraphrased): anyone under 20 who is not liberal has no heart, anyone over 40 who is not conservative has no brain. Liberals think conservatives have no heart, conservatives think liberals have no brain.

    Millrace: I find myself baffled by your comment. Are you complaining that, while the Koch $100M donation is big to us, it’s small to them, and that therefore they should have given more? (For that matter, do you think that other people should dictate how much the Koches donate? Or can they decide for themselves how to spend their own money?)

    It seems to me that the value of a contribution is in how much good it can do, not in how much it hurt the pocketbook of the donor. (Otherwise, I’m equally praiseworthy if I give half my net worth to charity, or if I throw the same amount in the garbage.)

    I don’t care how much money the Koches have left over after they donate $100,000,000, and I’m surprised at the implication that you do… unless hating the Koches, in spite of their donation, is more important to you than the good their donation will bring.

    As for the comments that he only did it because he himself is suffering from prostate cancer… well, so what? Again, isn’t the ultimate benefit of a charitable donation the important thing? If a man donates a million dollars to found a homeless shelter — and does it for purely selfish reasons, so that he can see his name on the place — and another man donates a few bucks to buy a homeless person dinner, would we welcome the second donation and spurn the first, just because of motives?

    Face it — people you hate can do good things. You can question their motives if it makes you feel better, but the people who benefit from the charity won’t care. They’ll care that someone was there to help them, period.

    Daniel in Brookline

  42. Mazzuchelli says:

    Just went through something similar at an industry site hosted by a supporting publication. One of the publication’s editors who’s quite famous within the industry actually took me to task for responding to a posted question. The tone he took, the insults were remarkable. To my less than 25 word comments would come a torrent a vitriol, even to the point of using the term “teabag”. Even worse, he referred to readers of the WSJ as idiots. I was stunned. Assuming he looked up my actual identify, it was even more unhinged. My reply to his initial posted question only stated that since the major player in question who recently had entered this industry was known for democratic fundraising, we might possibly hope for a break in regulatory activity. Good grief. And here I thought the site would be a fun forum for shop talking.

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