He’s still an American and I say NO!

Posted: March 25, 2011 by datechguy in internet/free speech
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I don’t have much use for Terry Jones, his stunt to burn the Koran was nothing but a stunt to get publicity. He may have had a free speech point but I don’t think it’s something you do. I wouldn’t like it done to a bible so I wouldn’t do it to a Koran (I don’t like burning book as a basic principle anyway).

That being said this is MUCH more outrageous.

No sooner had Jones fired up his Bic than an Islamic “court” in Pakistan found him guilty of the crime of desecrating the religion’s most holy book. The court then issued a fatwa—loosely translated as “death order—against him, as is their wont.

But here is where the story gets interesting. Pakistan’s Jamaat-ud-Dawah, a banned Islamic organization and suspected terrorist group, announced a bounty of 10 crore rupees for anyone who fulfills the fatwa on Jones. In case you’re wondering, that amount is equivalent to around $2.2 million—not exactly chicken feed.

Jones is a pain but nevertheless he is an AMERICAN exercising his free speech rights. It is incumbent on Americans to condemn this and inform Pakistan that any attempt to harm an American citizen excerpting his free speech will mean trouble.

A fatwa on one American is a fatwa on all and like him or not we have to stand with him.

Unfortunately judging from the comments sections I’m seeing the left is angry for people mentioning the Fatwa and blaming Jones for promoting hate. If the Catholic Church was exciting those who desecrated the Eucharist I suspect we wouldn’t be seeing the same response.

  1. Why aren’t folks more intolerant of other’s intolerance? Yes, I said it. How is it that any westerner can evenly remotely find acceptable that some folks are prepared to KILL you for burning a religious tome, picturing thier prophet, or leaving their religion (apostasy)?

    In our worldview, such that believe killing for such acts is reasonable should be called what they are, DANGEROUSLY INSANE FANATICS.

    On another note, why is the LEFT defending these asshats? Last time I checked there was no greater purveyor of misogony, homophobia, and political tyranny than ISLAM. Perhaps they are more alike than I ever knew.


  2. datechguy,

    I’m going to lay two very heavy truths on ya;

    1. The difference between normal people and the LEFT is principle. Both use political expediency to assume power for their goals. Unfortunatley, thiers suck.

    2. The cold war never ended. We used the aforementioned to defeat a truly horrific evil called communism by climbing in bed with many unsavory folks to achieve victory. The LEFT have never left the battlefield and will allign with whomever will further thier aims. They must have some pretty lofty and terrible pursuit if fanatical islamists, thuggish unions, and non-sustainable anti-constitutionalist (unamerican) politics are viable partners.

    The LEFT are not lazy cowards. They are a very real threat from within that most fail to recognize as such.


  3. Tech Guy, I have no problem with anyone burning a Koran. I burned one on last September 11, filmed it and put it on YouTube. I hate that little book of murder and madness, because the ideology it represents has killed so many people, and the burning of the Koran is the ultimate expression of my opposition to Islam. I will give it no rational, refuge or excuse: Islam is completely and thoroughly evil and a total negative for the human race. It adds no value at all to humanity.

    As for Terry Jones, if he is killed by a fatwa, I will add that to the growing list of reasons why we should separate ourselves from Islam, stop all Islamic immigration into the west, encourage those here to leave (with public assistance to do so), and to revoke the tax exempt status of mosques in the U.S. Extreme? Not if the alternative is continuing murderous acts against the American people by a hostile ideology.

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