Guess who is locked out of twitter again (this makes 5 times since the election) Update: Instantly let back on appeal in under a minute

Posted: November 19, 2020 by datechguy in Uncategorized

I’ll give them this they are getting smarter. They didn’t lock me for retweeting that 1st tweet, they locked me out for a new tweet with the same link

I’ll be appealing when I get home from work again

Update: The text of my latest appeal (forgot the save the one before it)

Well this makes five times that you’ve locked me out for tweeting about Benford’s law in connection to the election when claiming I’ve done something else untoward and the 4th time after apologizing for doing the very same thing.

One would think eventually some degree of shame might kick in or embarrassment both for the false accusations and for the idiocy of locking me right after apologizing and claiming to make a mistake, but as I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m dealing with dishonest and dishonorable people I’ve not come to expect better from you.

I am gratified that you are still afraid enough of the position of Mr. Biden that you’re still afraid of people reading that piece, given that nearly a 1/3 of DEMOCRATS believe the election was stolen your fear is justified.

But in the end your claims about me are patently false and I expect to win this appeal as I’ve won the previous five.

How many times to do intend to go though this charade before you stop?

The appeal was instantly approved, Unexpectedly of course

  1. John Ruberry says:

    Have you tried Parler yet?