Sorry Governor Baker but your latest edicts are tyrannical and not based on science

Posted: November 19, 2020 by Jon Fournier in Uncategorized
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On Monday, November 2 Governor Charlie Baker announced extremely draconian restrictions on all residents of the State of Massachusetts  These totalitarian restrictions were announced because Governor stated that the Coronavirus pandemic is becoming dire. A careful examination of the WCVB daily Massachusetts Covid19 tracker will show that is not accurate. 

The number of positive tests per day, which has now risen to 2000 per day, looks alarming compared to June when it was only around 200 a day. In reality that ten fold increase is not alarming because it is the result of a drastically increased number of daily tests, the vast majority who test positive are asymptomatic.   The number of deaths per day has not shown the same 10 fold increase as the number of positive tests, increasing from a low of 13 to 26 or so.   Hospitalizations have only modestly increased from an average low of 400 to a current rate of 600 per day with intensive care numbers increasing from a low of 70 to a current average of 110.

This WCVB Channel 5 article discusses the draconian new mandates in great detail.  This one mandate is as anti liberty as you can get and not based on science in any way.  As far as I know a virus cannot tell time.

Baker announced an overnight stay at home advisory, resembling a curfew, from 10 p.m. through 5 a.m. It will allow activities such as commuting to or from work, running essential errands and talking a walk.

This next mandate boggles the mind and makes no sense.  Now you will have to wear a mask if  you walk down an empty street with no one around you for miles.

Baker’s orders include a change to the statewide mask order. Under the altered order, masks will be required for anyone in any public space, indoor or outdoor, regardless of the ability to maintain social distancing.

Governor Baker will win the Grinch of the year award with this next mandate.  We usually have a few dozen relatives over forThanksgiving and Christmas Eve.  Governor Baker has no right to dictate what people do in their own homes.  That is tyrannical in the extreme.

Gathering limits at private residences across Massachusetts will be reduced, Baker said. Indoor gatherings at private residences will be reduced from 25 to 10, and outdoor events will be reduced from 50 to 25.

Here is Governor Baker’s rational for this tyrannical mandate.

“Young people need to stop having big house parties, and we’re planning to talk to local officials about how we can work with them to prevent these events going forward. Folks need to postpone or rethink any indoor get-togethers, like big birthday parties, baby showers or watching football or some other big sports event with your neighbors. These are places where COVID spreads, unregulated gatherings, even if they’re small, where people let down their guard, ” Baker said.\

This next mandate makes no sense scientifically because for it to have any effect on the transmission  of Coronavirus the virus would need to be able to tell time.

Restaurants will be required to cease in-person dining by 9:30 p.m., although takeout or delivery of food can continue. Liquor stores and other establishments will be required to cease alcohol sales at 9:30 p.m. Several other categories of recreation and entertainment businesses will also be required to close at 9:30 p.m.

This Federalist article proves that mask mandates are not backed up by science in any way at all yet we are all forced to wear them, even alone in a large public park.

Scientists have long tested the value of masks for the general public. The results are not, on the whole, in favor of masks for general use because there are just too many trade-offs and exceptions. Besides, not all masks are created equal. A clean, properly-fitted N-95 respirator and face shield worn, and never touched while worn, by a trained health professional is one thing. A dirty cloth neck gaiter worn begrudgingly at the gym is quite another.

Even Dr. Anthony Fauci used to admit this. “In the United States, people should not be walking around with masks,” Fauci told “60 Minutes Overtime” back in the spring. “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask. When you’re in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better, and it might even block a droplet. But it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is.”

The people of Massachusetts have become such a pathetic bunch of sheeple. Only a small minority are voicing any opposition to these tyrannical restrictions.  They won’t end until enough individuals demand they stop.

  1. OBloodyHell says:

    A more critical note, is the fact that, despite rising case counts… what’s been happening to the death toll?

    A: Almost nothing. Gasp Gasp Gasp.

    Who the hell CARES if every single person on the planet has CV, if no one from this point on is harmed?

    Week……………Cases/wk………Cum. Total…………..Deaths/wk
    August 8 448,364 5,540,343 7,775
    August 15 421,594 5,961,937 7,153
    August 22 370,850 6,332,787 6,252
    August 29 334,214 6,667,001 5,562
    September 5 329,682 6,996,683 4,766
    September 12 290,865 7,287,548 4,343
    September 19 309,556 7,597,104 3,957
    September 26 338,963 7,936,067 3,991
    October 3 337,941 8,274,008 3,883
    October 10 365,444 8,639,452 4,378
    October 17 425,207 9,064,659 4,590
    October 24 486,640 9,551,299 5,042
    October 31 604,581 10,155,880 5,035

    November 7 741,076 10,896,956 3,649
    November 14 1,072,387 11,969,343 805

    CDC data. Assume the death tolls of the last two weeks are low, they are provisional, as it takes time to process that info. Hence I singled them out.

    Notice anything?

    That despite the cases going up massively — literally almost doubled — the death toll has only gone up by about 25-30% Maybe there is a huge lag, but… not seeing it.

    THAT is the real data that matters.

  2. OBloodyHell says:

    Sorry, those tables were properly aligned in the comment text. They may straighten out if you copy and paste into word… :-/