“Petitioners appear to have established a likelihood to succeed” Nate Silver hardest Hit.

Posted: November 28, 2020 by datechguy in Always look at the bright side of Trump, crime, elections, News/opinion, politics
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Nate Silver of 538 is upset that betting sites still President Trump an over 10% chance of winning election 2020.

I thought my reply was pretty witty but I think Judge Patricia A. McCullough reply was better.

To say this is a game changer is an understatement, this may force this into the “mainstream” media and into general conversation and as I’ve said before the biggest danger for the left is that the fraud done in election 2020 is very easy for average people to understand and if it wasn’t easy enough before the folks at Doug Ross Journal have a handy dandy set of illustration to explain it to even the dimmest person on the left.

I wonder what the oddsmakers will have to say about that?

  1. Bill Heffner says:

    I thought the only ones still using Power Point was the military, but that presentation was nicely done. Still, none of that is going to matter. If any court, Supreme Court included, overturns even a single election, this nation will be plunged into violence at a level unseen since the civil war.

    The courts know that and it is on that basis that they will rule. Law, reason and evidence will not matter. They will rule based on fear of the mob.