Activists Win Democrat Cities Lose Under the Fedora

Posted: April 13, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

The more I see of what is happening to Democrat run cities in terms of crime the more I’m convinced that the left has been fighting a culture war against Black Americans…and won.

Of course there are some winners of color in the left culture war against black Americans, such as the Black Lives Matter leader Patrisse Khan-Cullors, a self proclaimed “Marxist” who now owns multiple million dollar properties under her corporations name far away from the people she supposedly is serving.

As always Marxist leaders end up in luxury while the people they are supposedly defending end up poor.

In fairness this activist is not alone, folks like Rebekah Jones have learned the ancient lesion that it’s a lot easier to convince people to give you money as pretending to leading a cause rather than actually doing or creating something. It’s all playacting & Illusion which likely explains why Hollywood where people play make believe for a living so loves such folk.

PT Barnum would be proud.

Of course some people are young and naïve enough to think that being an “activist” makes them smart enough to actually run a company that creates things, like David Hogg. He thought he could make pillows and discovered that activism does not translate well into real world practical knowledge about making things. Or to put it another way because Mike Lindell makes it look easy doesn’t mean it is.

I’ve found that to most people the easiest job in the world is one somebody else is doing.

Finally 33 years ago today my new wife and I were in Vancouver Washington (right next to Portland OR) for our honeymoon as Citi-travel messed up our London Trip and DaWife’s aunt who came to the wedding graciously offered the use of her guest house as her son was in Australia for several months along with the use of a car.

The two weeks we spent in the area were wonderful. Her father family were there and we traveled as far north as Victoria Canada, down the Oregon coast, west up the Columbia river and got lost in Seattle while driving.

We seriously considered moving there at the time. Recent events have shown that not doing so is likely remains the single best decision that we ever made as a couple.

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