Twitter Imitates Yes Minister on Fraud.

Posted: April 15, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Yesterday I wrote about the new law in NH and quoted the governor’s office’s tweet on the subject:

But the real story was how Twitter treated this tweet from the governor’s office I screen captured it just in case:

No replies are automatically show and Twitter automatically is hiding the replies given.

So what kind of offensive replies are there. Do we haven nudity?, profanity? Racism?

Yup that’s it.

Twitter’s reluctance to allow replies to this and thus risk the spreading of this story bring to mind this exchange from the Yes Minister Christmas special when the Head of the foreign office who is looking to be Prime Minister is asked about financial issues that he’s been made aware of:

Duncan: Where did you get all this?

Minster James Hacker: I’m sorry Duncan but if you’re in the run for PM I’ll should feel obliged to share what I know with senior party members. You see if it should all come out in the open there would would have to be a full inquiry from inland revenue, the fraud squad. Of course none of this need matter if it’s all above board as you say it is. And I’m sure it is if you say so.

Duncan: [pauses looking worried]: There was nothing improper!

Minster James Hacker: Oh good so that means I can feel free to talk about it all, bring it all out in the open.

Duncan: Hold on! Financial matters can be misinterpreted people get hold of the wrong end of the stick.

Minster James Hacker: Naturally.

Duncan: Look Jim I’m not sure that I want number ten. The foreign office is a better job in many ways.

Yes Minister: Party Games 1984

The good folks at twitter, CNN, facebook et/all all insist that the last presidential election is completely above board and that anyone who suggests otherwise is some sort of conspiracy theorist. Yet when the governor of a state won by Democrats in 2016 and 2020 signs a law allowed a full audit of ballots in a single county that show irregularities and said governor’s office tweets it out, they do all they can to retard the ability of people to see replies to said tweet.

If things are all above board wouldn’t all these folks trying to stop or suppress various audits welcome them to demonstrate once and for all how honest the election actual was?

Or as I’ve put it many times before:

I’ll believe that all the talk about Election 2020 being stolen is just a conspiracy theory when the pols, companies and tech giants who keep insisting that any such suggestion is just a conspiracy theory stop acting like members of a conspiracy to keep evidence that the last election was stolen a secret

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