I was just thinking…

Posted: May 3, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

How is it possible that the same people who have a horror of genetically modified foods think it’s OK to pump hormones into kids to block puberty?

Why would people who tell us they’ve won an election fair and square be taking such efforts even four months after courts have ruled to keep people from auditing ballots to verify this supposed fact?

Why are some of the people who are loudest in their opposition to the police ones who have regular police protection?

How is it that business are not afraid of those that the media insist are dangerous because they insist on their second amendment rights but are terrified of group who march who are opposed to them?

Why is the Cardinal who warns members of his flock about sins which can carry eternal damnation in order to save them from it considered hateful while one who ignores or dismisses such sins without warning of their consequences considered loving?

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