Shocked Faces on Jobs Cheney Mariposa Windham & BLM Under the Fedora

Posted: May 8, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Am I to understand that an administration that has done at it can to hurt job creators, discourage people from working while enabling Red China and the deep state is unable to create the jobs that a bought and paid for media predicted they would?

I’m Shocked SHOCKED.

Why it’s almost as if they know they don’t need voters to win elections or something.

You mean to tell me Liz Cheney who has been lionized by the left had been secretly working to undermine Trump all along and working with big media and the deep state to attack him even before all this trouble took place?

I’m Shocked SHOCKED.

Why it’s almost as if she thought her political power and influence came by divine right.

You mean to say that with an audit in progress and the chance to prove that all this talk about a stolen election is bunk the company that makes the voting machines and software is defying a Subpoena legally issued to turn over passwords to allow the audit to continue?

I’m Shocked, SHOCKED

Why it’s almost as if all those suits they launched were simply to intimidate people.

Do you mean to tell me that in a state with one of the largest “Never Trump” contingents at the top of their GOP elite that steps have been taken to undermine an audit of ballots in Windham NH when a Democrat recount accidently brought to light the game that were being played with the vote?

I’m Shocked SHOCKED

I mean did you really think they would let this go forward without a fight?

You mean to tell me that despite all that the media has said about BLM & ANTIFA being all about empowering people that you actually have reached the point in Portland where armed thugs are stopping people in broad daylight without fear of any kind of response from the law?

I’m Shocked SHOCKED

I’m old enough to remember when the left took offense at the suggestion that “Black Lives Matter” implied that other lives don’t

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